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July 15, 2015


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Heel moeilijk, voor Heidi en haar familie maar ook voor jullie. Leven met iemand die depressief is, is moeilijk voor beide partijen. Ik vind t zo erg dat Cory geen andere uitweg wist dan die hij gekozen heeft. Zo jong, echt vreselijk xx

Jen Gallacher

Thank you for sharing your story! I'm so sorry that you and your son have struggled with depression. Having had it for nearly 20 years my heart aches for those who have it as well. Please know you are both in my thoughts!


I'm curious what oils you use. I have family members that really could benefit from that information. Thank you!


Corinne, I will be praying for You and Anthony. My prayer is for complete healing for him and peace for your family.


xoxoxo corinne.


Ik snap je helemaal helaas! Xxx

Karen Aldrin

Xoxoxoxoxox Corinne and Anthony. Never keep anything inside, talk all you want, even when people try to shut you down as my family have done in the past to me.
I'm a big believer in finding people to talk to, a brain tumour group helped me in my hour of need, when my family tried to shut it all out and shut me up.
I hope Anthony starts to find peace as he grows up, and finds his happy place xxxx

Tami F.

So much of what you mentioned about your son resonates with what my teenage daughter is/has gone through. She has been fighting depression fiercely these past couple of years. Medications have seemed to help, but not 100%. Talking to a therapist has helped, but again not 100%. I try so hard to encourage her, talk to her, and let her know that tomorrow brings another chance for things to turn around and the hope for it to get better. Just like your son, she has expressed her loneliness because of the lack of friends. For her, these high school years have been hard emotionally, mentally, and physically. The one thing that has given me a small sense of relief is, like you, she has stated that even though she's thought about suicide in her darkest moments, she cannot do that and leave me, her father, and brothers with the pain. I thank God for that! I hope she always holds on to that thought!

My heart broke when I read the news of Heidi Swapp's son. It is our worst nightmare as parents. I pray so hard for her, her husband, and their children to have the strength, courage, and determination to overcome this pain one day at a time. There will always be a hole, a missing link in their family, from this day forward. They will question themselves as to whether they did everything they could, and they did. They loved him with everything they had. It's this debilitating disease that rips whatever positive feelings of hope from young people, and they see no reason to go on. I wish we could perform a miracle, a bit of magic, and wipe away those desperate feelings so that they can see there is a reason, many reasons. But at the end of the day, all we can do is pray and be vigilant in helping our children fight their war against depression any way we can.

Thank you for sharing your story! Hugs to you!! Stay strong! ♥


Thank you for sharing this. Children's and young adult's depression must be taken seriously and it is such a horrific thing for them and their families to deal with. Prayers to you, your son, and all of the Swapp family.


Your story, and your courage sharing it, touched me deeply.
Till 2002 I suffered from depression. It got so bad that, by 1998, I planned killing my kids and myself (they were little kids and I was convinced nobody would care for them as much as I was doing...crazy, isn't it?)
In a moment of clarity I called a help line. The lady who assisted me told me a lot of things but one clicked:
"You can always kill yourself tomorrow, so don't do it today, ask for help, call someone right now. If it doesn't work, you can always do it tomorrow."
She also said:
"Imagine your family, standing in front of the four coffins, wondering 'Why didn't she call us?' "
Those remarks shocked me, and helped me a lot.
I've shared them with other suicidal people I met (including my middle son who, sometimes, goes into depression bouts)and helped many of them, not all of them, but if it helps at least one it's worthy.
In 2002 I met a very wise person who gave me the tools and the key to never get depressed again. So much so that he passed away in 2003 and I didn't go into depression as I would have before. I was sad (through him I also learned the difference between sadness and depression), I am sad, I'll be sad forever, but never depressed. I have the right to be sad, but not to be depressed, otherwise I would be ungrateful to those who are still here, by me. It would be like saying they are not important and I would deserve to lose them. I'm sad 24/7 for his loss, but happy 24/7 for the many blessings I still have (and now I value them even more). I was happier before his passing, yes, but now I'm not unhappy, just less happy. Gratitude is the magic word.
Writing down, every night, in my gratitude journal, at least five things I'm grateful for, keeps me aware of how blessed I am and that I have all I need to be happy. Many people would like to have what I have (I'm not even middle class, but I have a roof, food on the table, clean clothes, and, most importantly, family and friends who love me and care for me).
Sorry for this long message but I know the pain and I always try to carry this message in the hope it may help.
I'll keep you and your family in my daily compassionate meditations.


My son is also an April 1999 baby...and he also suffers horribly from depression. This is also my nightmare. It's really strange that they all are male born a few days apart. It's eerily hitting home for me. Thank you for sharing.


Wat verschrikkelijk voor de familie Swapp (lees het nu pas) maar ook voor jullie Corinne. xxx


I am going through depression right now with my daughter even though they haven't diagnosed it yet, she admitted herself at the hospital but still talked about doing things to herself and it hurts to here those words, I feel for you and Heidi's family, it is hard to just think when or if your child will take their life away. I think depression is taking over a lot of people and I didn't know how bad this is. She has a young son and she is missing so much with him and in life. I feel like sometimes I will have a heart attack myself with thinking the worst that may happend.


I applaud you and every mother out there who is willing to say...my child is depressed and I'm scared out loud! I read Heidi's heartbreaking story and can't help but think..there but for the grace of God goes I. Five years ago our oldest son, then 21 downed a bottle of pills while his siblings, father and I slept peacefully down the hall. If it were not for the fact that a friend of our son was traveling Europe that summer, and upon awakening signed onto facebook and read a post our son had written during the night, our story might have ended very very differently. The young man didn't know our home number, but he knew that my husband was a physician in a midwest city. He took to the internet and did not give up until he identified the city and hospital in which my husband practices. He made the trans-atlantic call to the hospital switchboard, who then set off my husbands pager. If not for that call, we would have awaken to a son who had died during the night and not just a son in need of Emergency care. I never knew who the angel was that rang the alarm that night...but, for his intervention I will always be thankful.

My son is now in a much better place- but, I don't believe any parent who has had a child suffer through depression, ever takes life for granted ever again!

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