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October 29, 2012


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I am sorry that you are feeling this way, but I am so glad to hear that you have a support system already in place....you are so talented and beautiful!I sure hope that all the tears will soon be replaced by smiles... Take care of yourself!!!xoxo...

Jan C.

It's pretty great that you have had this epiphany, because as you say, now there is nowhere to go but up. One of your strengths is that you seem decisive. If you see a problem and don't know how to fix it yourself, you get busy and find someone who can help. Lots of people (including me) waste tons of time trying to decide what to do, whether to do it, when to do it, etc. You took action and now things are looking better!


Hi dear Corinne, I am so sorry to hear that you are in a bad place, but... happy to hear you are climbing upwards again!! Keep up the good work, and don't feel bad, sad or disappointed when you have an off day, sometimes they feel the worst on your way up! I know...
Big hugs from me and the girls!


Sterkte! - knuffel -


Thinking of you, so glad you got help.


Zo te horen is je karretje voorbij het diepste punt, en kun je vanaf nu alleen maar weer omhoog! Sterkte ermee meis! Dikke kus


Klinkt toch wel weer positief, stoer dat je hulp zocht en fijn dat je het kon vinden.
Sterkte met alles !

Sherri P eh

Corinne, it takes a very brave and strong person to tackle something like depression, and an even braver and stronger person to share their struggle. I admire you and I am so glad you're taking the necessary steps to deal with it. I hope you can soon return your focus to your life, your loves and your creativity. Hang it there and stay strong! XO

Denise Porter

Corinne, I have been following your blog for awhile now. I too suffer from so many of the things you are battling and thank you for being brave enough to talk about them. I have ADD, chronic depression, anxiety and a weight problem. I admire how you are always working on your problems and continue to learn things about yourself. I have reached a point where I no longer feel there is any help for my symptoms. Please take care on your journey.


Hi Corinne, Do you remember what you said to me 3 years ago ? It's the same for you : you've got the positive energy in you, believe in and live :)
Nath (sorry for my bad english)

Mary Rogers

Just in case you check your blog messages....just wanted you to know I've been checking in for a new post over the months. Thinking of you and praying that life is on the upside for you. *Hugs*

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