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August 15, 2011


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Dis you try applying vinegar on the mosquito bites? It might soothe... Or clay paste... Sorry you have trouble enjoying South Catalunya...


Nestosyl helpt heel goed tegen jeuk, althans bij mij


get a quote on the airconditioning, you might be saving money but since you don't know how much it might be worth a good nights sleep. Get bugspray ? and a good cream for the itching, go to the pharmacy sometimes you can get really good stuff abroad (I did for my spider bites, hydrocortisone ....)

carole R

when I was in italy (many mozzie bites) I went to the farmacia and they sold me some special cream which helped the itching - but you had to ask the pharmacist, it wasnt available over the counter. I also use tea tree oil/cream - mozzies dont like the smell and it is antiseptic. Hope you enjoy the rest of your vac. The photos of Barcelona were wonderful, btw.


Hey there, see if you can get OFF maybe even available in the supermarkets. It will keep those ugly kritters away from you and your kids. Airco in Italy was 7 euro for 7 hours ( a card which you could take out after an hour or so) maybe it is worth it.
Hope you all will be "bultjes" free soon and get to enjoy the rest of your holiday!!


Wat vervelend allemaal, op die manier kan je niet echt genieten he? Hoop dat je iets kunt vinde tegen de jeuk en toch een hele leuke vakantie nog.


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There’s always a lot of different challenges everyday. You’ll just have to figure your way out. thanks for sharing.

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