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August 14, 2011


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I have to stop reading your blog, I am getting TOOOOOOOo excited!!! Great pics, can't wait to see more!!

Ingrid Danvers

Great photos! Make me want to go to Barcelona too.


Oh wow wat geweldig allemaal. Als ik de foto┬┤s zie wil ik zo boeken naar Barcelona :)
Je heb zo te zien een prachtige dag gehad. Mooie foto's en veel lol zo te lezen :)

gr Alette

lisa mitchell

It was a great day! (ps. I can't get off the couch today, how about you?!!! ;))))) Hugs to you and the 3 chicos!


Lovely post - I always enjoy seeing your photos! As for Thomas Crapper, well, a popular misconception is that he invented the flushing toilet but check out Wikipedia for the truth lol

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