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February 27, 2011


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you go for it girl. reaching some goals here!


good luck, you can do it, I'm starting back on the no carbs this week as I've fallen off the wagon :(


You go, girl! I know several people who've done Lighter Life and kept it off. I SO know how you feel - I just made the decision yesterday to do All about W8 - another similar diet, but I'll be doing the 50/50, so I have a light meal in the evening with the family. The rest of the time I'm on my own and don't cook anyway, so this should be good. I don't need the wall either. After you emailed me last, I bought the Carbohydrates Addict books and they make sense; as long as I don't eat carbs during the day, my cravings are under control.... so I'm ready to do this!

Sherri P eh

Being ready mentally will keep you on track. You can do this Corinne! XO


Good luck! I'm understanding you, I'll start my diet tomorrow, I'm not feeling good with myself and I need to see me thin again. A diet is always a big sacrifice...


You can do this!!! Zet 'm op meid!!

Karen Aldrin

I know someone who lost the weight of a small sofa on this diet, as she likes to tell people.And she has kept it off and discovered shopping.Good luck.

kim whitten

We will cheer you on Corinne!!!


Wat vreselijk herkenbaar....ik heb hetzelfde nog tegen mn man gezegd gister.
Zet 'm op!


Good for you... and it is not a sacrifice, it is a gift to yourself! That's how I have experienced it at least.. just lost 18 kg with no carb/no fat diet and feeling great. Collegue (male) lost 50 (!) kg with Cambridge in relatively short amount of time and feels reborn. Go for it, will be cheering you on!


Heel veel succes Corinne!!!


Heel veel succes met het dieet, Corinne! Het is een zware weg om te gaan, maar ik weet zeker dat je het kunt. Two thumbs up for you:)


Succes! Maar vergeet niet: elke kilo eraf is er één en is een succesje op zich!


Het gokken gaat inderdaad niet snel :-(
Succes met Cambridge en het gaat je zeker lukken!


I think if you check out my daughter's blog, it might inspire you to lose weight. Not by going on a diet but rather by exercising and eating healthy fresh food every day.

Here is her blog: http://fitnesscheerleader.com/


Hi Corinne, do you remember of me???
I'm Simona from Italy!!!;-)
This afternoon i'll go to a dietist for begin cambridge diet...i hope it works, because also for me extra kilos are insufferable!!!:-(
Have you already lost kilos?
Let me know!!!;-)
a big kiss

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