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May 21, 2010


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Wauw, jeetje, dat zie ik mijn oma nog niet doen. De jouwe is so cool! Het ziet er heel erg stoer uit. En je fotoshoots zijn allemaal zo lief. Ik heb net even op mijn gemakje alle foto's bekeken en erop gereageerd:)


Ohhh.. Ik sprong nog voor geen goud uit een vliegtuig! (nou vooruit - Heeeel veeeel goud misschien) en dan je oma...???!!! Geweldig!!!
Hoe is het met je hoofd? Hou het goed in de gaten lieverd, je gezondheid is belangrijk hoor! Ik vind de eerste "zwangerschapsfoto" prachtig - hoe je toch altijd weer andere sferen weet te vangen... echt een talent!


hahaha, darling, I ask the same question - WHY? why did I ever listen to you and started watching grey's and GG?!?! I guess we both heavily addicted. I loved the finals and can't can't can't wait for next seasons...
about your oma, she prooves that age is only a number. You are as old as you feel! (if I say it a lot, do you think I will really conviece myself with it? ;) going 35 and already go into life-crisis...


Go grandma!


oh yeah ! your grandma rocks ! Love the photos you took of her, you should show us some more ! love the other shoots as well, especially the one with the red shoes, and the fact that I love it has nothing to do with the red red red shoes !!! I ADORE the third one, it is so peaceful. The second one is way too romantic for me but I like the light in it. I subscribe to EA Montpellier just for you, I would love to know how to take a picture correctly and I just love your style ! I am really looking forward to it. Cheers !


Wow, is that the same grandma that went paradiving in a windtunnel! I want to be like that when I grow up :-)

jasmine bailey-barfuss

Oh my gosh, I am SO (SO!) in love with that preggers shot! How absolutely unbelievably FAN-TASTIC!!! Great job, woohoo!!!!

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