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May 02, 2010


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YOu almost made me cry, thinking about MY book cases... I couldn't miss it for the world either! (and they are already white... uhhhmm.. "yellowish"...) Did your hubby like the new look?
Hang in there dear... good times will come to you! (and yesss... a money tree... if you find one, please send me a mail so I can come and shake some too...!)


Oh I feel for you sweetie, I know that feeling messy house, messy head ...... Funny thing is I've often wanted say to you that I would love that book cabinet in white LOL. I am absolutely positive that would brighten everything up and make it look less big. Can't wait to see it finished ! Let's set a date next week ?


Trust me I know about renovations... my mum is on contractor number 14 and he's been M.I.A. for two weeks. We haven't had a kitchen since I was in the first grade... I'm in the eighth now. Oh, I think here in the states we say, "Can't see the forest for the trees." Many Americans have changed it to "Can't see the forest through the trees."
Good luck with your book cabinet.


Kop op, joh! Ook deze verbouwing vindt een einde...en hopelijk heel snel voor jou! Ik ken het gevoel van verloren zijn, als de dagen niet als normaal verlopen en alles improvisatie is.
Wel errug leuk, dat je buurvrouw gelijk met de kwast mee deed! Laat je een foto zien als de kast klaar is?
Groetjes - Irma


Leuke buurvrouw, toch? Het zal wel lukken met de boekenkast. En die foto wil ik ook graag zien.

Groetjes, Maja

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