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March 01, 2010


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Hey sweetie, we keep in touch plenty, you call me lots ! And when I need you you're there, a great friend I tell yah ! Dinner was great and we'll be doing it again soon :D


I just wanted to let you know that a true friend isn't the man/few times you call them. It is the fact that you're there for them if they need you and the other way around!My friends and I have a friendship like that for more than 15 years! Works perfectly, so don't feel guilty! ;)


A true friend is what you are.....well you are to me....maybe cos we are so similar and try to protect ourselves......

but you are indeed my friend.......and a very special one xxx


You are so hard on yourself. You're a mom, a wife, starting a (fabulous) new business... Remember there are only 24 hours in the day. Just drop a little card in the mail to say been thinking about you... trust me, a colorful little note does wonders and give yourself a break. The fact you worry about this shows how nice you are... egoistic or not!


Bonjour Corinne
Votre message me touche, car comme vous, j'ai laissé beaucoup d'amis derrière moi par peur. Peur de ne pas savoir donner autant qu'eux , peur de voir mon espace envahi , peur du partage tout simplement. Et puis quand on est plutôt solitaire, Alors oui, l'amitié est assez dur.
Mais il faut aussi que les gens nous prennent comme on est. On est pas égoiste, mais juste différent d'eux.
Je vous fais de gros bisous et continuer à nous faire rêvez avec vos sublimes photos.
Kiss for you Corinne


I can completely relate to what you are saying. Its hard to keep people close.


I think you are too hard on yourself. My best friends are the same as I've had since I was 12 years, in the teens we met several times a week, as young adults a bit less often.
And then a few years ago we started to meet almost never, perhaps 2-3 times per year. We talk on the telephone brief moments of several months in between. That happens when one has his adult life , working, caring for family and so one. There just isnt enough time, or energy.

I belive that the importand thing, is to be there for each other when youre needed. Thats true friendship in my book. That my friends there when i need them, and that they accept me for me.

The friendship where you meet every weeek, calling several times a week I belive doesnt happen so often. Of course there is people who has that, but when you have a family and a work, i do belive its a rare thing. Maybe if your neighbors :).

I do get the ”everyday friendship” or what to call it, by my friends at work, some of my childs bestfriend-parents. I meet them pretty often and thats all I need in my everyday life.

And at times, I got to enjoy the company of my true true friend, those I can talk about everything with. And those times i cherrish som much.

So, do not be so hard on yourself. What counts is that you are there the day someone needs you. How you treat the people who turn to you. That is what I believe to be true friendship.

Hugs Katta

monique helfrich

hi there dear friend. Don't bother (too much). The weather changes, the environment changes, even politics changes, why wouldn't people not change? I bet you'll be close again with good ol'friends as soon as you both meet again and are able to talk to each other. Don't worry but if you feel sorry, call them, meet them and have fun again.

big hug,

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