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February 15, 2010


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told you blind side was good! I have yet to watch lovely bones too oh and I just watched 2012 and 9 this weekend, loved 2012 !

Next week same time same place ?


I'm not a movie watcher AT ALL... sorry.
I do watch a movie on tv sometimes - but that's always an old one then...
My son talked me into going to "Alice in Wonderland" when it is released but I just heard the theaters may boycot that one... the only one I was ready to go see in the theater and they are going to boycot it... see - I'm not a movie person! Even the theater knows it!


How do you watch online? I'd love to know!! I don't comment often but I enjoy your blog sweetie!

free movie downloads

I am movie watcher and really love watching any movie or any TV Show. It is my favourite time pass in my free time. Do you also love watching movies ? I have very good idea for movie lovers..

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