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February 09, 2010


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En gewoon lekker zo doorgaan, ook al is de balans er weer even uit...Ik wens je hele leuke fotoshoots!

Meaghan V

Congrats on the progress! Remember that sometimes the scale won't budge but if you measured yourself again, those numbers would show you the changes being made to your body! Muscle weighs more than fat so sometimes it can even look like one is gaining weight... so rather than get discouraged... "just keep swimming!" :) You can do it!


Volhouden hoor, het is soms moeilijk, maar denk aan hoe goed je je voelt als je ziet dat je inderdaad wéér 9 ons bent afgevallen, en weer en weer !
Sterkte Corinne !


Alrighty Corinne! Say no to a diner and lost 9 ons... you're doing it even when you're "out of balance"... you're a hero!!! Have fun at the photoshoots!

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