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November 06, 2009


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I love the outfit! I wish you a happy birthday on Monday and have a great time!


Happy early birthday Corinne! You are amazing and talented beyond belief and inspire everyone who reads your story. You are courageous, gifted, visionary and above all an honest person who makes me want to live my life being "more of who I am" and not what others want me to be regardless of size, shape or attitude! May this year be yours to embrace in everyway that gives you joy, serenity and the gift of knowing how incredible you are. Big hugs, Bonnie


Love to read all that positive stuff :) You can do it!!!

I love that outfit but it would look better with your head on LOL

Just be yourslef and enjoy, you're amazing!!

A big hug from Spain


heel herkenbaar allemaal. maar kleren van DIDI maken je altijd heel erg blij! erg leuk setje! sterkte.....

Karen Aldrin

Happy Birthday Corinne.


Wow, that new outfit is gorgeous!!!! Beautiful colour combo... LOVE IT!!!! Wishing you a very, very happy birtday tomorrow and a new year where all your goals may be reached or at least far on the move!!!


Happy Birthday tomorrow! Love the colorful outfit!! Enjoy!


Alvast van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, zo te zien ga je er fantastisch uitzien, wat een leuke set!
Ik wens je een super jaar toe.



Every year I feel time is flying quicker and then I must admit we get older... Happy Birthday, sweet Corinne!!! I love your outfit. I think it is first time I see you with a skirt ;) Have a great day tomorrow!!! {mwah} xxx, Nili:)

Linda loe

Wow mooie kleren vind de kleuren geweldig. Een hele fijne dag morgen en goed om te horen dat het stukken beter met je gaat. Hoop je snel weer eens te zien.
xoxox Linda


happy birthday & i know what you mean about sabotaging your self been there done that ( bugger still doing it, but I'm on the case) I have faith in you, you can do what ever you put your mind to & you will get there, wherever there is, eventually! Nothing worth while in life is ever easy but if it's worth while then you can do it! And look how far you've already come.

seeya hugya *G*


Ooh, how I wish my english-skill were better...I´t´s so much I want to say to you, but I cant put it down whit letters *sigh* .

I know how you have to struggle with the ADHD, I´m in the middle of that struggle my self. I am sooooo happy for you, that you have this faith in your self now. I know you can do whatever you put your mind to.

And i´m also verry happy that you decided not to stop scrapbooking. LOVE your style!


Happiest of birthdays to you Corinne! Hope you're having the best day ever!!!


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