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November 02, 2009


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You can do it all Corinne...as far as your ADHD...embrace it by "writing it down"...just keep a small journal/noteboook w'you at all times and write down all those lovely thoughts so that you know where to find them when you feel like you've "lost" your mind. I have to write it all down but I stress less because I know where to "find it" when I'm looking for it...my mind that is...lol Here is a post I just did...hope it helps, love ya, Roberta


For years my mum has been trying to figure out why I can't focus... teachers, doctors, now I'm in middle school school counselors all say "... he's a normal boy, just very bright..." Well, I don't feel bright I feel dumb, I can't keep the thoughts in my head organized, I lose track of time and then spend all my time trying to catch up. I read this post and I wonder, maybe I'm ADHD? You would think my peditrician would have been able to diagnose this? Thank you Mrs. Delis for the post.

Kim FAucher

So great having a place to share, both online and through your art... I always am so inspired by your layouts.. .keep up the great work!!


It does make sense to me!!! :-)


Je blogpost gaf me de rillingen... zitten we dan precies op hetzelfde pad op hetzelfde moment???? (niet dat ik moeite heb met het terugvinden van mijn stijl, maar met het starten van GROTE dingen.... ik maakte zelfs een art journal pagina met een quote hierover... en dan ben jij met dezelfde worstelingen bezig op hetzelfde moment... ben ik erg aan het ratelen nu? Sorry... ben nog steeds verbaast en een beetje in de war of zo, of... ach, als je naar mijn blog gaat zie je vanzelf waar mijn geratel ineens vandaan komt. Zet 'm op Corinne! Je kunt het! WIJ kunnen het!!! GO GIRL!!!


Way to go, girl ! Can't wait to see your soul again in your art.

Birgit Koopsen

Looking forward to see your new you LO's! :) Go for it!


Just great to see you write this...!

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