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October 14, 2009


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Good to hear you are doing good :-D Love your pictures ;-D

Tracy Rizzo

Thank you for the video-it moved me so much-I just hugged my son. This is what I have been trying to express to people about him all along-when I would say"Just look at him, he's wonderful" Thank you so much.


I am happy to hear you smile in your words girl .. prayers your way .. the video was moving .. wow .. I loved it .. going to let my co-worker see this link .. ;o)

love the pics too



So happy for you Corinne!

ellen s

ok. so i made it 4:22 w/o crying. i am not sure where to go with that right now but i know it moved me. i work with childrend on the asd spectrum...mostly aspergers and i never once thought about changing them but i get what she is saying. i have to watch more of videos now, tfs


beautiful photos - thanks for sharing the video


i am so happy for you that things are going the right direction!!!
love ya!!


Ok so I'm a little bit skeptical about some of what she is saying in the vid hope you don't mind me saying (mostly that spirits pick the body thing) but I agree with the principle of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole - what is normal anyway? who decides what or who is normal? why do we feel the need to make everyone the same, life would be real boring if we were all either ken or barbie don't you think?
And hey if it's working for you & Anthony then go with the flow, anything that helps, so glade your both doing well & feeling more your self & so happy your not allergic to dogs, I was keeping my fingers crossed for that one! LoL
Take care seeya hugya *G*

Denise Laborde

Wow! I watched the video. She is very charismatic. I think what she says applies to just about anyone.

I will be at {ea} too and am looking forward to meeting you in person. Been a fan for a long time.

Bises, D


Wat fijn om zo'n positieve post van je te lezen. Wat precies betekent NEI? Ik ben nu al erg benieuwd naar de kreative en gezondheidtechnische resultaten! Ga zo door en hou het gevoel goed vast!
Lieve groetjes - Irma


hi corinne!
happy to hear you are on the road to recovery & connecting with yourself!
that is so important!!
you are sweet & beautiful!! [always look within]

also, your garden pics are so beautiful!
[wish i had a green thumb, as we say in the States] ;-)

take care of YOU & hugs,
wendy :-)


Misschien moet ik toch ook maar eens naar jou NEI therapeut!! Klinkt goed!!
Geweldige foto's heb je weer gemaakt en dat filmpje over kids met autisme en onvoorwaardelijke liefde vind ik natuurlijk helemaal super!


Not really sure what NEI therapy is, didn't realise you were having health problems sooo.... Yay!!! So glad you and your son are doing better.

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