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October 26, 2009


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WOW Corinne ... you find yourself .... in Montpellier :)
So I think you just have to come more often in south of France ;)
Hope it can be soon
"Positive Nath"


I'm glad you'll be scrapping :)

I'd say "quit all the design teams and do whatever you feel you want to do without pressure".

A big hug from Spain


Oh Corinne I so know what you are talking about.
I've been feeling the same. I still struggle right now how to came back to scrapbooking. Layouts are impossible for me to get done. Mini albums still works.. but.. I feel lika I've done all layouts allreaddy. So sad about it and hope i'll snap out of it soon!
Love Jenny


Hi I know exactly what you mean I haven't done a page in so long & really haven't blogged in ages I'm going through a massive change in just everything partner of 12 years leaving, local store that I teach at closing, my brother & wife splitting & now finding out I have RA & will have to be on drugs for the rest of my life with monthly blood tests for the rest of my life to stop me being crippled like my mum & I could still end up with what my dad has which would just complicate everything & I'm not even 40 yet!!!! Everything just feels too much but I've decided to stop trying to do everything at once I'm just going to call myself an artist!! So all my titles photographer, scrapbooker, card make, painter, mix media, writer, blogger are just a part of the whole. What ever creative thing I want to try or do! Your art is great & life is too short to be unhappy with what you do so do what ever makes you happy!! Anyway what ever you do, do it for you 1st that's when we do our best work good luck ( sorry about the lengthy comment) seeya hugya * G*


OHhh I feel you, sister!!! I did give up my stamping business recently and it opened my eyes to soo many self-fufilling creative possibilities!! congrats on your new-found love for a marvelous art!! :)


Wow, a lot of things happening for you now, sounds like this weekend was exactly what you needed! Listening to your heart creates art (among many many other good things), you go woman!


and NOW i am very very curious who send you that email :D. GOOD for you to feel this way. keep it up :D


Woei!!! Missed your scrapbooking!


Good for you! I Know all about feeling overwhelmed! SOmetimes you just need to sit back and take a deep breath! Love your blog by the way!


very happy you came to that decision, for yourself and no other!


Je bent echt in een fase van zelfvinding (heet dat zo?) en ik vind het fascinerend mee te mogen lezen, omdat ik zelf pas aan het begin sta met het ontdekken van wat ik kan en wil.
Het leren "nee" te zeggen tegen dingen/mensen die je een slecht gevoel geven, maar waar je je eigenlijk toch toe verplicht voelt, is ontzettend moeilijk, maar het bevrijdt.
Ik geloof, dat je, ook al was je met scrappen gestopt, je binnen de kortste keren weer kreatief bezig was geweest.
Ik ben benieuwd of je nog verraadt wie jou deze inspirerende email heeft geschreven...
Lieve groetjes - Irma


Je luistert goed naar jezelf, super. En sosm lijkt het zo leuk om van je hobby je werk te maken maar als het da je hobby niet meer kan blijven is dat, denk ik, toch geen goede keus.

Veel scrap- en fotoplezier!


Glad to hear/read that!! Don't put too much pressure on yourself, although I know it's tempting... ;)

Karine Cazenave

whoooo great news Corinne :) you are so much creative to stop...EA inspire you, I m happy...it was good to see you this week end.kisses

Account Deleted


°doing the happy happy dance here°

I can't even tell you how HAPPY I was to have you this weekend... time goes by so fast but then you realize you miss your far away friend so much. SEE YOU IN MARCH! ;)


Keep this positive feeling...you go girl!
But I'm sooooo curious who send you this email...


Good for you girl!!!


I am so happy you are not only going to continue scrapping but are going to do what makes you happy. You have no idea how much your work has inspired me, I immediately fell in love with your work shortly after I began scrapping. Sending lots of hugs!

Mireia Sala

We always want to do so many things... and we want to do them so perfectly... that it's normal we feel overwhelmed.
I'm happy to read that you have seen a "sign" to really feel what you want to do, and start doing it !!
You have a very nice art work !!
Best regards from Barcelona


this post makes me happy. :)


So appreciate your "honest" post here Corinne:} I've felt like this about the scrapbooking industry for the past five years...after all how much paper and "junk" can one have for a scrapbook page. And DO NOT get me wrong...I love all my "stuff"...aka "junk"...aka "ephemera"...I'm just tired of the fact that every scrapbook page has to be a "work of art" showcasing the supplies and not the photos. Perhaps that is why you were reaching for your photography...because that is what scrapbooking was suppose to be all about...the photos first, the memories second and the accents LAST...then all of a sudden the industry put ths big push on their "stuff" and we got lost. SO...it just feels better for ME to use my "stuff" in my art journals and too play...and to put my "memories" into traditional scrapbooks when I feel like it. Mainly I do mini-journals/albums to remember the events and to "get it done and down before I forget it"...the art journaling is for ME to be expressive and creative. I just love DINA and have taken her on-line classes as well. You must check out Mary Ann Moss some time soon for her great stencilry journals as well. Corinne...I read your blog because I find you refreshing and real and I love your clean, bright style...very uncluttered...that's what I see...and maybe that's what has been pulling at you with the industry...you go girl! Love ya, Roberta


yeah you're back!!! :)


Hey Corinne, long time...,isn't it? happy to hear you found your thing again. good for you! x, Nili:)


Good for you! Keep following your heart.
Hugs Astrid


That is wonderful! So glad you're back!! :)

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