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October 22, 2009


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she makes me laugh all the time!!

Shell Gautreaux

done! she has always been one of my fave bloggers. i love that she finds humor in all. also posted her to my facebook.

Karen Aldrin

Hi Ya.All done.
Lets hope she gets lots more votes.
Hers my blog-


Ik heb het op mijn blog gezet, om haar te helpen maar natuurlijk ( eerlijk is eerlijk) ook om deze geweldige give-away te winnen!
Dit is mijn blog:

Rianne Meyering

Hoi Corinne,

Om een handje te helpen heb ik de link ook op mijn blog gezet.
Ik hoop dat het haar lukt en ik zal elke dag stemmen.

Groetjes Rianne

Holly S

I don't blog but I did vote! Good luck to her and I'd love to see her comedy-I could use a good laugh today!

Christine H

Here from Donna Downey....not a blogger but did vote. Good luck to your friend!

Janet B

I think this album is gorgeous.....I did vote, but I don't have a blog. I did email some friends and gave them the link so I hope that works for you.


I did it. Thanks for the heads up! http://faithlift.blogspot.com/2009/10/when-you-get-minute.html


I voted!


Voted. :)

Theresa Grdina

done! I am becoming a new fan!!

Krista Nash

You're friend is quite entertaining. I feel fortunate I was able to carve out enough time to check out her application. I totally voted for her. Thanks. I even linked it up to my blog. Not that that many people read mine. http://kristanash.blogspot.com/2009/10/good-quick-read.html

Andra  Hepler

You have a great blog and love the clothes you made for the dolls!
Smiles, Andra


I don't have a blog but I voted. May the force be with you and may you be a lucky one to have a dream job.

Chris R.

I voted! Good luck!


I voted!


I did vote and will vote every day. Hope for her she gets the job ! I don't blog...


Thank you so much everyone!! And thanks Corinne, from the very bottom of my Britney Spears loving heart!

Kerry R


Posted on my blog, facebook and I twittered it too :)


I don't have a blog but voted then sent a link to this post to all my scrapping buddies, they are always ready to help the deserving.
Good Luck


Ook ik heb voor je vriendin gestemd, de link heb ik na veel moeite op m'n blog gekregen, had het nog nooit gedaan, maar het is me gelukt. Hopelijk lukt het me ook om mijn blog door te geven! Komt ie hopelijk http://marie-claire69.blogspot.com/2009/10/stemmen.html Succes!! (ook een beetje voor mezelf, lijkt me tegek om deze Give Away te winnen!) Groetjes Marie-claire

Judy Lucas

I voted - and will send to my facebook friends



gestemd en zal het morgen weer doen :)

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