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October 12, 2009


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Account Deleted

and you have NO IDEA how EXCITED I am at this point to see you! I've been missing you so much and I know we're gonna have fun :) You light up my spirit too and just knowing you'll be around soon makes my heart happy happy happy :)

MWAH! love y!

Lisa Dorsey

I hope you have a blast on your trip to see Celine! Sounds like you need lots of hugs and prayers sent your way right now. So sorry to hear that you have such a battle raging right now with your ADHD. Are you a list maker? I know that helps me, just a thought. Hope you are feeling happier and healthier REAL soon.



oooooooooooo have fun w/the sister and photo shoot and good luck w/the juice!!!


Hey know what you mean about diets I’ve just been diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and I need to lose some of my extra weight but I find it hard to do on just diet alone & so far the only sport I can do (even walking is difficult at the moment!) is swimming and since it’s getting cold here it’s going to be a fight with my duvet in the mornings! LoL
My fav juice combo is orange, apple, carrot & ginger

Good luck, Seeya Hugya *G*

Ps congrats on the GOGO


so i haven't been diagnosed adhd...but i have a pretty good feeling i am. especially what you just described, that is SO me.
have a fantastic trip!

ellen s

sounds like a great trip! i bet you are excited...i think your mom and my mom must be friends. sounds like the photography business is going smoothly, no surprise...your blog header is awesome!

Marie Starr

Have an awesome time!!


Hé, kop op joh! Ga je lekker op Montpeiller zitten verheugen, zeker als je daar een soul mate hebt zitten, en geniet van de sapjes.
Weet in ieder geval, dat je hier een enorme fan hebt zitten!
LG - Irma


I think you're really pretty.


Laat het koppie niet hangen meid. Herfst is mooi om te zien, maar soms ook moeilijk als je mentaal niet helemaal lekker zit. Ik merk dat ik veel dezelfde patronen vertoon die jij benoemt, en probeer nog steeds de best werkende strategie te vinden. Op dit moment werkt sport (fitness) goed voor me, 2 tot 3 x per week een half uurtje maakt me vrolijk en ik word dan wel niet lichter, maar wel gestroomlijnder en fitter. Heel veel plezier in Frankrijk :-)

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