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September 22, 2009


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Mooi LO! Ik kan bijna hetzelfde journaling voor mezelf nemen, maar dan met "Almost 40"!
We blijven gewoon hard aan onszelf werken, hè?

Lieve groetjes - Irma


Hey Corinne...see you got yourself a cute little hat...love it! Hope all goes well with your Dr's...btw...my son was allergic to animals as well...especially birds...who knew? The only dogs that did not cause him to have an asthma attack were "hot-dogs"...dochounds...don't laugh...I can't spell it...lol I guess it had something to do with their "skin" doesn't shed like other dogs. In the meantime...we just gave him dimetap every day and it kept his allergies at bay and it's non-addictive. Hope this helps, have a great week, fondly,

ps...are you all moved into your new studio?

corinne delis

TypePad HTML Emailthanks for the info
yes I am in my tiny tiny studio but things do not fit....wonder how I could think it would fit
so it is still a bit messy with boxes everywere. hopefully when we have re-done our house in the upcoming 6 months I will have more space to put my stuff.


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Aaaah, Corinne, je bent dus gauw jarig begrijp ik? Je gaat me toch niet vertellen dat je (ook) een weegschaal bent hè? Hoewel, dat zou me niets verbazen! Als je 't leuk vindt, e-mail me dan de datum + adres. Lieve online-vriendin-scrappers verdienen lieve kaartjes op hun verjaardag!

amber ulmer

oh corinne!!!
love that your scrapped these photos I took of you in January! They are my favoritest ever!!

love ya deary...
photography is looking wonderful!
If you ever wanna chat about photography stuff... just email me! Happy to help!!



love the layout!!!!!

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