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August 27, 2009


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Karen Aldrin

the Mum LO made me cry.
I think I may try and get the nerve and do a scraplift.


Haiii, kom even op mn blog kijken ik heb wat voor je daarop staan!!

liefs, karin


Just so you know...I think the exact same things as what you wrote. I struggle with it all the time, am always wishing I was better. Love and hugs to you.


Corinne, ik denk dat heel veel moeders net zo over zichzelf denken als jij, maar jij hebt wel de moed om het op te schrijven en te delen met ons allen. Petje af, en wedden dat je zoons later zullen terugkijken op een gelukkige jeugd en een leuke lieve moeder?!

Top layout!


Yep agree with Joke, I have a LOT of those days ... But hey there are days that we have lots of fun too and I'm sure that's what our boys will remember. Great LO ! Oh and keep on kissing LOL

Edwige C.

Corinne, just for you to know, I think every Mom does feel a little bit like you do ! .. Actually I do. You have been brave to write your feelings down - not always easy to admit it ! No pressure, Corinne ! It happens to great people anyway ! xoxo


Fijn dat je al shoots hebt!!! Super leuk, daar haal je vast een hoop energie uit. Ik ben nog geen moeder, maar weet dat mijn zus er soms ook last van heeft! X


Love your personal journaling (see my comment on SIS) and congrats with 12 years!!! (My beloved and I are something like that in years... uhhhhmmm, first kiss 1996??? Actually "be together" 1998???.... I guess I'm in between you and your hub somewhere!)

Sherri P eh

Two things Corinne: First, happy 12 years with your handsome hubby! Second, and more important, I think all mothers have those feelings of doubt, of failure. I think those who don't are really the ones who ARE doing a crappy job, because they don't care. Just a few months ago, my Mom told me she wished she had done more with us when we were kids, and I told her I didn't remember feeling neglected or ignored. I remember happy times, lots of fun with my family and large extended family, and learning and doing lots of things with my family. And what I remember most of all, and still feel, is her love. So know you're not alone in these feelings and that your boys will probably grow up remembering more good than bad!
Beautiful layout by the way, and very personal and touching, and brave, journaling.


snap het helemaaal...

en elke dag een foto van je man graag!


Happy Anniversary to two beautiful people!!

Steph Block

I agree, all mum's feel that way, but I think there is too much presure sometimes to be the "perfect" mum - don't be so hard on yourself, you love your kids, that is the most important part.

If you are ever in the UK let me know - I would to have you do a photo shoot!


Congrats Corinne ! I wish you the best ! hugs

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