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July 30, 2009


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I will meet you at the CAR in October, but before that could you explain a bit what a NEI practitioner does (for you)? thank so much


Sweet sweet corinne. Take good care of yourself honey.
I'm going to re-decorate my room with the help of Aby Garvey (you know the organization guru)...

I bet you will create an awesome room to create your wonderfull art.

thanks for your support girl.
You are one of a kind.

Thank god there are people like you

love you a lot and I would love to scrap with you one day.

big hug


good to hear you are doing so well, and you are very brave trading rooms!


I'm so happy to hear you're on the right track again!

Hopefully you find out soon what it is with your lungs and that you get right treatment for it! Beterschap!!!!


Good for you Corinne, you are feeling so much better.


So happy to hear you're feeling so much better!!
Looking forward to your update!!!


Dan zo doorgaan! En geniet van het goede gevoel!


so glad you had a relaxing holiday and are feeling better Corinne!

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