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July 29, 2009


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It's nice to see you back and relaxed, Corinne! Congrats with the workshop! That poster/announcing looks fabulous! And how much I'd like to go through all your old magazines (and 17.50 is cheap!) I can't do it... I have no room for it - already bursting out of the house. Help! I need to win the lottery - BAD - and buy us a house with an extra studio! (but a small room sounds good too - I don't have a room at all you know...)


You are going to BLOW the Workshop out the water .. and I love that travel and just enjoy life and if you WIN THE LOTTO .. let me tell you sumtin .. you better call me boo .. we are going to invest some of that money in Commercial Propery in JAPAN .. real talk .. LOL ..

love ya .. you still are one of the few designers that GETS ME .. thanks for always supporting me boo.



ooh! Wat een super koopje die tijdschriften van je! Jammer genoeg woon ik in belgie :-(


glad to hear you're back, safe and sound! And relaxed! Talk to you soon.


In my italian blog there's an award for you!


cool that you are so relaxed and had a wonderful vacation! awesome gig in Germany for you! have fun!


Goed te horen, dat je zo'n ontspannende vakantie hebt gehad.

Hihi, CAR is meer of minder gelijk bij mij om de hoek, dus ik ben al aangemeldt! Door Heike ben ik überhaupt aan het scrappen geraakt. De wereld is klein. Ik ga me alvast zitten verheugen op Oktober!
Prettig weekend - Irma

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