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June 30, 2009


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Gewoon volhouden... die kilo's gaan er echt wel af maar niet meteen - het lijkt dan alsof niets helpt maar dat doet het echt wel! (Alleen al een gevoel van voldoening na het wandelen/zwemmen/niet snoepen helpt namelijk al om je beter te voelen!)

Ennuhhh, meissie, je mag het nu al zeggen hoor!
Ik zal het ook even doen: "I give you a good old hug and tell you that you are strong, positive, caring, sexy, worth to be loved! You can do and achieve anything you want and so much more. I believe in you!"

Annemarie (mommyvictory)

How hot is it??? It couldn't possibly beat the 106 it was yesterday here in Texas, could it?

Good for you on the plan for exercise. Two more days of summer school and I will be having myself on the road early in the morning for my workout. I have to be inside by 8 a.m. as it starts getting hot by then.

Best wishes


Here, here, i have issues too i've nearly always had them since about 8 i think & i use the fat thing as a shield too i got very skinny (well for me) i was so unhappy to start with & it just got worse, i really couldn't cope with the attention it brought me and i made myself very ill! I now realise i was going at it from the wrong perspective because i wanted to be liked/loved but that has to come from within. I thought that everything would be fine if i was just thinner but i was never happy! Now i think that i am strong enough to try again i'm going to try & swim twice a week just for half an hour before work & i've started watching what i eat & trying to be more balanced! good luck with your journey & so glade the tests where ok seeya hugya *G*


It is SO hot!... good luck on the not eating sweets and chips.. It is harder in this weather (It think..) btw I am doing the same as you.. and 3 weeks ago it went verry good.. until it got warmer, didnt lost a gramm.. maybe it is the weather? holding water or something?
Good luck!


Stroop het dikke pak maar af Corinne :-) en sluit je sterke positieve sexy creatieve ik-je maar in je hart. Je hoeft haar niet te vinden, want ze zit er gewoon, je moet alleen heel goed naar haar blijven kijken.


He! Jij bent jij, met of zonder pak! Maar ik ken het gevoel; ben nu sinds 7 weken met WW bezig en voel me veel vitaler, frisser, beter en kreatiever. En niet opgeven! Je doet het tenslotte voor jezelf, zodat jij je beter voelt...Gewoon rustig aan in jouw tempo!

Zonnige en zomerse groetjes - Irma


if you really want to lose weight google paul mckenna. you will never diet again and there is no starving or having to deal with cravings... its too easy to be legal. my mum lost weight without getting cranky with me, so i fully endorse him.


its cold here, we'll take some of the heat ;) lol

I twitter too! Under jennmet


linda loe

Joh het begin is er in ieder geval weer dat vind ik altijd het moeilijkste.
dusecht het gaat je lukken.
ennuhh is het zwembad zo goed in Italie, moet ik ook gaan zwemmen???
Ben er erg nieuwsgierig naar hoe het is. Heb je nogtips waar ik of de mannen echt naar toe moeten gaan? Venetie zijn we vorig jaar geweest.


darling - im so there with you but recently I lost a chunk of weight and this week I lost 6lbs from drinking frozen fruit mixed with fat free yoghurt and skimmed milk (in a blender). Its really thick and fills you up for breakfast and is BLOODY YUMMY. I go to the gym once a day though whihc probably helps. I eat fruit when I feel sweety-ish and for lunch I have poached egg on toast and for tea I have chicken/tuna salad PLUS I walk the dog for an hour at night. Go and find a gym with air conditioning :) It helps that the gym I use is right next to Ellies school so I drop her off and in the gym I go.

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