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May 08, 2009


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Corinne, your "I forgot" lo takes my breath away... it is sooo touching! And I love to see/hear you've found your Mojo back, the blyth dolls still make me giggle, and I'm glad that you found a way to combine both dolls and scrapping!!!


gave lo's!



Love your work! On American health care- It is truely out of hand but remember that We are using up more resources than we have put in. Example, I needed a liver and kidney transplant eminently and had I lived in
Canada or other places I would not be enjoying my grandchildren at the age of 55. So yes we have a problem but I' glad we made choices wisely of what we could live without so we could pay for our insurance. Plus we have Government hospitals that get the very best Physicians for those that dont have a health plan. Anyway, dont believe everything Michael Moore puts out . He hates everything about America, thats how he makes a living. Love ya. Janet


Wat een prachtige LO's. De eerste maakte me aan het lachen, de tweede ontroerde me. Ik weet uit ondervinding hoe het voelt om iedereen op de eerste plaats te zetten en niet aan jezelf te denken. Gelukkig ben ik, net als jij, tot de conclusie gekomen dat het zo niet verder kon, in mijn ogen net voor ik in een diepe depressie zou sukkelen. Je woorden geven mijn gevoel prachtig weer.
xxx Peggy


Wat een schitterende layouts, Corinne. Ik weet hoe je je voelt met alles en iedereen op de eerste plaats zetten voor jezelf. Prachtige journaling!!!! Chapeau!!!
big hugs!!


your mojo is definitely here! love those layouts. the i forgot one is just amazing - such beautiful journaling. health insurance here is CRAZY. even though i have a job, because im on pregnancy disability, i have to pay $750 a month just for health insurance. it's nuts.


Oh, please, please, please do not believe everything you see in a Michael Moore movie. It's all slanted and designed to make things look as bad as it possibly can- that's the entire point of the movie. No, things are not perfect here, but please watch it with an eye and use critical thinking, the same way you would if it was a movie about how *perfect* everything was with our healthcare system.


Love yours layouts !!!!

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