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April 22, 2009


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Hi Corrine, you're so lucky your acct was just hit for a dollar. My husband's identity was stolen last week. His checking acct had several transactions one day but the bank eventually caught it and put a block on his acct. The unfortunate thing is that one of his credit cards had been compromised. Several people are placing orders (there were companies calling us verifying if he ordered this and that)using one of his cards. If fact there was one person who applied for a federal loan...unbelievable. So my husband had to call all his credit card carriers to warn them of identity theft, and he also had to call the credit unions to put a flag. You might want to check the rest of your credit cards just in case. Mae from the US


I'm sorry about the computer and the credit card....that totally sucks!!!
I really hope the computer will be done tomorrow! and that you will be able to get all your deadlines done on time!
big hugs,


courage corinne soon solve the problems with your computer! i pray for you....

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