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March 16, 2009


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And she has Jack Skelington earrings... too cute!
I'm just looking at the list of supplies we have to bring... I think I need to rent a bigger car! Soooo looking forward to the weekend!


Hm...daar is dus nog een wereld langs me heen gegaan...maar ik kan geloven dat je er eentje met sproeten niet kan laten liggen! Ze ziet er allerliefst uit!

Ik ben blij te horen dat het beter gaat met Storm, dan hebben al onze schietgebedjes misschien toch iets geholpen.
Nu wens ik je nog veel succes met het komende weekend en ik baal nog steeds als een stekker, dat ik dat niet eerder wist!

LG - Irma


Ben blij te horen dat het goed gaat met Storm, hopelijk hebben je zus en zwager nu tijd om een beetje op adem te komen.
Ik vind je pop geweldig!!!!!


How absolutely adorable...I love your new girl! Darling apron as well. I think she was waiting just for you. So happy to hear about Storm, my whole family is praying so hard for this beautiful baby. Even my sister calls me to ask how he is (she doesn't use the internet..can you believe it?). BTW -- awhile ago you posted the Color Bok line and I fell in love with it and I just found it at a craft store near my home!!! Thank you so much for that post. I love this line and went immediately to work creating a page for my nephew (3 months old named Matthew). The line is perfect for baby pages...but I also think would be beautiful for your new girl since she is wearing a bunny apron. Lots of love, your friend Bonnie from Cleveland, OH

Melinda Brein

So glad to hear Storm is recovering! I was praying for him and will continue too!!!

Your dolly is adorable! Can't wait to see pics of her with the different eye colors and such! Hey, I'm 38 and make dolls ... so it's not an age thing ... let the girly-girl in you play - it's good for your soul! ;-)


She's insanely cool!!!
Saw the doll at Danielle's as well... Oh boy, maybe you've got me hooked as well... Looking forward to all the pics!


Cool doll! Thank God Storm is doing better :) So happy for you all :)




Wow, she is a beauty!! I hot into them about 3 months ago and got my first one last month. Just finished doing some cutomizing for now on her. They become addicting, and on the box it says "Adult Collectible" so dont feel so bad:)

here is mine:



Wat een leuke pop! Geniet er maar van.


Wat een geweldige pop!!! Nog nooit eerder gezien! Geweldig, dat je op deze leeftijd nog zo gelukkig kunt zijn met een pop! Soms is het leven zo simpel..
En wat fijn dat het zo goed gaat met Storm! Duimen dat het zo blijft!
Nog 5 nachtjes slapen...


Hi, I happened upon your blog by link-hopping from someone else's blog and love what I see. Your doll is way cute :)

However, it's your sister's plight that is calling to me. My now-3-year-old was having seizure like activity when she was an infant, and after something similar to what your sister is going through, was diagnosed with Sandifer's Syndrome. As, I believe, another commenter talked about. It is extremely scary! She was diagnosed at 12 weeks with Gastro-esphogeal Reflux Disease, was put on reflux medication, and put under the care of a gastro-specialist. That did help, however, in my heart of hearts, I did know that the reflux was also the cause for the pseudo-seizures she had been having - which stopped with the reflux medication. I did research, and thought that Sandifer's sounded like a likely candidate. At 9 months we forced the doctor to do an endoscopy, which did confirm the Sandifers, and the doctor then switched her medication. She'd been on the medication for 2 1/2 years before we were able to take her off the medication, and she is now (knock on wood) Reflux-free.

The medication she was on, and which I swear by, is Zegerid - it was a life-saver.

Please refer your sister to this website, which was a god-send for me: http://www.marci-kids.com/

Also, the infantreflux.org website was invaluable - especially the forums.

Hope this helps! And I'll be back to your blog too :)


She is perfect!! :)

So sad i can't be on SAL!!Think about me okay ;)



That dolls are so cool. have fun with her. Mika


Wow, what an amazing doll sweety:)
No wonder you couldn't resist;)
Have fun with her!!!



Heb het druk gehad, heb alleen de Scrap-a-licious site gevolgd en ben nu eindelijk een vrij uurtje aan het "blog hoppen"... en kom het hele verhaal van Storm tegen! Hoop dat alles nu beter gaat (en blijft gaan) want het moet vreselijk zijn, zo'n manneke dat zo ziek is... (de mijne moest na geboorte de couveuse in dus ik ken het gevoel als je kindje zo ziek is... al had hij uiteindelijk niets echt ergnstigs)

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