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March 13, 2009


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Kirs (hartenkersje)

Corinne, fijn om te horen! x

Shelley Haganman

I am so glad to hear that things are getting better. So scary to have such scares with such little ones!


Oh, how good to here Storm is doing better.


GREAT! So glad he's doing much better!


It's so funny, today I was talking to a friend and I asked her to pray for Storm, and guess what? She was praying for him already!!! and she doesn't even have a blog! The word gets around, so I'm sure many more people than you can even imagine are praying for little Storm. Yay! :)


So glad to hear it!! Will continue to pray!


Thanks for keeping us updated!

Danielle Muit

This is such good news Corinne, little Storm home again!! I really hope the Johannes broodpitmeel will help, keeping my fingers crossed.
xx D

celine navarro

thank goodness...

┬░sigh of relief here┬░

hugs to the family :)


Thank god!So glad he is doing a bit better.
Feeling so sorry for your sis and her DH,they must be sooo scared!

Hope the JB works better for him!!

take care you!


Ow! I am so happy to hear this! The little fellow was on my mind for 24/7. I heard story's before about the reflux thing, I also know some kids who had the same experience.. and they are all healty beatiful kids now! Still the experience is terrible and i hope the Weed and medicine will do for him what it did for the other baby's (also.. what we did for those baby's on the daycarecentre was putting something under there matrasses (by the head) so they are sleeping at an angle and the gravity helps the food staying down a bit more...)



thanks for keeping us updated. you've made me smile!!!! so glad for him and for all of you....
much love

Christine Drevo

I am so glad that Storm is home. I'm sure the atmosphere alone will help. I will continue to pray from him and your family!


Wat fijn dat hij in ieder geval thuis is...
blijf aan jullie denken hoor!


Men daar moet je toch niet aan denken. Ik zou geen minuut rust hebben of meer slapen denk ik. Fijn dat ze wel zo'n matras hebben.
Pfffft veel sterkte ermee. Zo'n klein ventje.


ooh wat fijn dat de kleine man weer thuis is! Hopelijk gaat het snel beter met het johannesbroodpitmeel. Erg fijn dat ze zo'n matrasje hebben voor hem. Misschien dat ze dan toch een beetje gerust kunnen gaan slapen.


Goog, good, good ! Hope he gets much better very quickly.
from France


Wat fijn dat hij weer thuis is:)
Hoop dat het meel en het matras gaan helpen:)


Amber L.

I'm so glad to hear that he is doing better and that he is able to be home.

Amber Zimmerman

So glad to hear Storm is doing better and at home! I have been praying for the little guy. What a blessing! =)

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