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February 13, 2009


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Arme Corinne...
Ik weet niet of het een troost voor je is maar dit soort grote irritaties komen ook voor in gezinnen met 'gewone' kinderen ;-) Ook al hebben kinderen geen ADHD of zijn ze niet autistisch, ze luisteren noooooooit!! Tenminste, zo ervaart een moeder dat. En vooral een moeder die de hele dag op haar tenen moet lopen...
Heel veel sterkte!!!
Prachtige layout trouwens weer! Zoals altijd!!


wowwwwwwwwww I love the colurs of your new page!!! it´s funny!!!


Hi Corinne ! I have your blog listed on my "Favorites" and often visit to have a peek of your lovely layouts...you really make some NICE stuff :O) Love the bright colours and wild things that you put together.
I really hope that your day got better...I think we all know that feeling of being tired, always ending up yelling at our kids...because as you say, we really dont want to yell...it makes us sad aswell as the childeren...and that goes for all moms and kids, autism/ADHD or not :O) Sometimes counting to 10 just isnt enough :O) I wish you and your family a nice weekend.


hey Corinne, as a mum, I can tell you : it's not your kids, it's not you. I think autism and ADHD have nothing to do with that. All kids do the same, all moms lost it from time to time, more often that they would like it to happen. No matter what you do, kids hear you but they don't LISTEN... And then you just go nuts... Won't give you any advice because we don't manage same things the same way. Good luck though and relax, looks like all mums are in the same boat...Oh, and your lo is just great, love all the colours !

Meaghan V

Hugs Corinne! I too struggle with two kids that don't listen, my eldest is especially hard to deal with so I know all to well the frustration, the guilt, the shame and that feeling of failing as a parent. sigh. (I tried the ear doctor thing too and that's not the problem)
I recently bought a book and am finding it to be extremely helpful in understanding my children and the role they play and the role I play in this vicious cycle and although I'm not finished the book yet as I just got it two weeks ago...I have been implementing it as I go along and have seen much improvement! Here's the link;


Remember tomorrow is another day, you'll get through it and no matter what in the end your kids know they are Loved. I can tell just from reading your blog, your LO's, you champion for them, you go the round, and that in itself is the greatest testament. You are not a failure you are a human being and not one of us is perfect. Hugs again.

Denise Morrison

oh man I had a morning like this 2 days ago. Sat in the car after dropping them off at school before work and I just cried. Some days just suck. My eldest son has innattentive ADD and so I understand the frustration. Honestly, I think all kids have trouble listening...just part of being a kid. Hope your week gets better.


So colorful and happy! I love the aqua blue :)
And I am a little green with envy that all that
talent gets to hang out in one place together and
giggle and celebrate scrapbooking together!!!


Love the lo! Mika


Hey, hope your weekend is better!

Peggy Schenkels

I agree with all the others, kids just don't listen. My hubby and I are trying to take 10 minutes off of their bedtime each time they don't listen or only listen once we start raising our voices ... I know, I know, not the positive approach which all the books and TV-programs seem to promote nowadays, but that approach just doesn't seem to work in our family! And just like you we don't want to be yelling all of the time, that's just not the kind of parents we want to be. Anyhow, we'll see how this turns out, it seems to be working up till now, and we are trying to combine it with positive rewards if they are being good ... I'll keep you posted!
The LO is gorgeous. Love the bright and happy colours.
xxx Peggy


hang in there sweets..... times will turn around!


Excellent your page...i love all the colors !!!!


hope your day got better. love the LO - so cheerful!!!

can't wait till scrap weekend comes - your works inspire me to use colors and combinations that i usually don't use


I've been there too with Zander so I can relate to your story! For kids with autism it's important to let them tell you back what you told or asked them. You have to make time for that to be sure they got the message! They also have problems with time and what can help them is to buy a color watch. I give you the link to the site: http://www.kleurenklok.nl/
I hope the rest of the day went better!
Have a nice weekend!


We all have those days... the key to turning it around (and its not easy when your in the middle of that kind of day) is finding your happy spot and focusing on it. I do that ...then I'll write out 10 things I'm grateful for. Usually that helps me get through those kind of days...

Jan Connair

Sometimes it just seems like they are trying so hard to make us crazy, doesn't it? We had one with an "auditory processing disorder," which meant he did not process instructions as fast as they were given. I honestly thought he was deliberately yanking my chain, and so did a lot of his teachers. But he made it through school pretty well and is almost done with university. He is specializing in criminal justice and will be a policeman. I think that's because sometimes our house seemed like prison when I was trying to get him to do his homework, lol! Thank God dh and I lived through those years without needing straitjackets!


That must be frustrating...I do think all kids do this from time to time!Julian say's yes to my question's all the time,not even hearing(or caring) about it!!

Can be hard times,gotta keep your head up sweets ;)



Moeilijk he als dingen niet gaan zoals het zou moeten.
Ik begrijp je frustratie.
Ik heb ook een gezin vol ADHD en PDD en soms kan het je even aangrijpen. Alle kinderen luisteren vaak niet. Maar juist in zo'n gezin leef je al zo op het randje en kan je het net even meer aangrijpen.
Sterkte ermee!


Days like those suck. I know those days :) Reading the comments are comforting for most moms i think.


your page is excellent, colors are very hard and i love a lot.
nelly france (toulouse)

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