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February 04, 2009


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glad to read my cleavage trick worked for you ;) aaah to be 16 again LOL


Cool! Can't wait to see more pictures. Good to hear you had a wonderfull time!


I loved them!! I am glad that you had a great time!!!


Glad you had such a good time!


I am soooooooooooooo jealous! I was a HUGE NKOTB fan! I just had a garage sale and sold all my VHS tapes... I pulled out the the NKOTB tape that my Dad gave back to me a few years ago! I just can't get ride of it- whether I have a VCR of not!!!!! Glad you had a great time :) :) :) :)

Christine Drevo

I was such a fan back in the day and I still like them they have only gotten better with age. Glad to hear that you had a great time!


Leuke foto's Corinne, de kwaliteit valt nog wel mee hoor.
ik heb je ook getagged. Kijk maar op mijn blog.

Olimpia Hunt

I love the pics...imagine if you were with another/better camera... OMG
Love it...


geweldig corinne!! heerlijk om weer even jong te zijn he?? :-)

XX Tessa


I was such a big fan off the boy's. Glad to see that you have a great evening. Mika

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

I was a huge fan when I was a teen, as well. :)

I think it's so funny that all of these groups are doing come-back tours and most of their audience is full of us girls who were teens back then. We're still swooning. :)


Hoi Corine

Ik wil graag op 7x7 een scrap maken, maar mijn vriendin vind het niet kunnen. Kan jij even je toestemming geven als scrappige ubergod? Dan kan ik haar overtuigen dat het heel hip & origineel is.

Alvast bedankt!


OMG OMG OMG.. I'm sooo jealous!!!! I wish I would have been there too (I couldn't find anyone to go with.... bummer) I've been such a biiiig fan of them also... Joey was my favorite one.. hehe.. He's still a cutie huh? Thanks for sharing these amazing pics with us (drooooling.. hehe)

liesbeth musters

Ja ze waren super!
Ik was er ook bij.



so glad you had such a great evening - you deserve it
how i envy you - i want to be a teenager again (but only for a couple of hours lol)
joey was my favorite - since he was the youngest he was the "good" boy - how's grown to be a handsome man ...


Great Shots :)



Klinkt of jullie een heerlijke avond hebben gehad!!

ik heb je getagd op mijn blog : )

groetjes Chantal

Sarah Pandolfo

You are so lucky. I was a huge fan as well when I was a sweet teen!!! Love the photos. I am giggling like a little school girl again!!!



I've been at their concert too !!!!!!! In Paris, the 4th of feb, it was AMAZIIIIIIIING, OMG !!! So happy to see that you are a NKOTB's fan too !!!!! The concert was faboulous, I have screamed all the time (no more voice the day after), Jordan was my favorite 15 years ago but now I must admit that Joey has the most beautiful eyes and smile I've ever seen !.... They were all 5 so great.... I remembered all their old songs and the new ones are fantastic !! It was a really crazy night............. (I'm jealous of your photos, mine are not that good !...) Thanks Corinne for all these pictures and good memories :-))) Kisses

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