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November 26, 2008


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So sad!I am still hoping you will find some place to talk where they have similar stories...Wish i could help!


I've just read both posts... I'm so sorry, but you did great!

A big hug,


So happy you decided to go.
I am a stong believer that God does things for a reason.
Your son has you as his mom because you are strong enough and loving enough to
help him get through this and raise him with all the love, understanding and patience he will require. Keep the faith, this too shall pass and you will all be better and stronger because of it.


Goed van je dat je toch gegaan bent, al is het een bittere pil te moeten ontdekken dat jouw kind de meeste problemen heeft. Maar ik ben ervan overtuigd dat jullie een manier zullen vinden om hier goed mee om te gaan. Blijf in jezelf geloven, je bent hartstikke sterk, je bent een lieve mama, die het beste voor haar kind wil.
Hou je taai!


The only way is up from the bottom! Hey I know it won’t really help now, but think how great it will be when the turn around happens & it will! You know deep down it will, it’s just not going to be easy “sigh” but as my gran used to say to us “nothing worth while in this life is EVER easy” and that is so very true but it makes the victory that much sweeter trust me, you can & will do it we all have faith in you & yours! Seeya Hugya *G*


You are a great person and I think in your heart you know which is the right thing to do.
I'm sorry but I don't know what is the problem with your child. May be you have written in some post, but I didn't rea dit. Could you explain me,if you want ??
Hugs from Italy

Lea Sanders

Hi, Corrine,
Just wanted to come by and say "hello" and give you a hug! Have a great weekend.

monique helfrich

Goed van je dat je toch gegaan bent! Hartstikke dapper en je kunt trots zijn op jezelf - zeker als je bedenkt wat je allemaal al met en voor Anthony hebt gedaan en hoe ver jullie al zijn gekomen. Het gaat toch hartstikke de goede kant op en het is zo'n lief, leuk en intelligent kind!


Hoi Corien
Ook van mijn kant een paar woordjes om je moed in te spreken. En zoals mijn voorgangers al zeiden meid je bent zo sterk en het valt zeker niet mee maar voor je kind doe je toch alles. Hou vol er komt een dag dat alles goed gaat echt waar.

Soldier Girl

Sending you a hug and some TURKEY .. since it is Turkey Day for us in the US .. love you girl



Pfff, jij hebt je portie wel weer gehad de afgelopen dagen. Sterkte en volhouden zijn vast makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan in deze situatie maar dat is wel wat ik je toewens!
Liefs, Petra

anita l.

I loooooooooooooove Issy!


Hi,I have been reading your blog for sometime but would like you to know that you are not alone. I have a child on the autistic spectrim who has had much difficulty with school. He hasn't had a placement since September but just started individual tutoring this week - only 2 days a week and hopefully will be starting a morning therapy routine in January. These last 2 months have been the most difficult months of our life but I'm hopeful we will begin to see progress soon. Please contact me if you would like to talk to someone who truely understands. You are in my prayers!


I'm glad you went anyway Corinne and I wish I were there as I'd have gone with you! Sending a big hug to you sweet one.


Jan Connair (Magpie)

My second oldest son is not autistic, but in childhood he had soooooo much trouble in school due to another type of learning disability. It seemed to be torture here at home to get him to finish his school work. His grades went up and down. I felt I was always banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what to do with him! Honestly, there were some days I could not think of one good thing to say about him or the situation, despite how much I love him! It was a real struggle.

Now he is 21. He has had the same beautiful, wonderful girlfriend for over 5 years. He graduated from high school with decent marks and went on to university, where he is studying criminal justice. And the really ironic part is that he spent last summer as a police officer. That is what he wants to be when he is finished with his schooling. He is quite charming and everyone who knows him tells me how wonderful he is, how thoughtful, etc.

The turning point was that I had to believe in him and believe that everything would turn out alright. It seemed I spent so much time worrying about his future that I was unable to believe that he would ever grow up and succeed, but my husband convinced me to have faith. And once I was able to do that, somehow everything began to change for the better.

So even if Anthony seems to be the worst case in the group right now, I hope you can believe that things will improve and that he does have a good future. I believe it! {{{hugs}}}


hon .. good luck!
I really really hope he will benifit from this!

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