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September 13, 2008


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Oh Corinne, how tragic. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to her family. What an amazing photo too. God's peace be hers.
Love to you my friend,
Lusi x


Djee, what happened?
Maybe she'll continues to communicate with you, although is through another "channel".
Peace for her, her family and you.


Toen ik je blog opende zag ik meteen de tekst van de kaart en kreeg kippenvel. Wat ontzettend triest.
Sterkte Corinne!


How sad... but that's life... she's got her brand new wings now {heart}


Wat ontzettend sneu. Het leven is soms zo oneerlijk. Ik wens iedereen die haar kende ontzettend veel sterkte

Jessica M.

That is so so said. It reminds me how fast everything can change and that you must enjoy every day. I`m really with her family.
And I hug you Corinne.


I just read about it few minutes ago and it made me very sad, eventhough I didn't know her. It is so terrible how life can just being taken from us in a matter of seconds and it make me think how precious and important every minute in life is. To live, to love, to laugh, to fulfill...


Jee heftig hoor!


thanks for posting this. I am so sorry for her family.
Love you


How awful,such an horrible accident and now there's a husband and two little children that have to go on without her. I Feel so sad for them. It breaks my heart to see the pictures of those two little ones. Bye Irene

Jamie Oksenhorn

That was really sweet to post this. I feel absolutely awful for her family, but it's so nice that so many people care.

Lilian Schneider

Can't believe it, she had so much to look forward to. I just posted a message on my blog too, just to honor this kind and talented lady..


(((((corrine))))) she will so be missed.
so unbelievable still.


:( sending her family and you prayers... its so true.. live each day, remember it... its called the present because its like a 'gift' to us... a "present"

so sad..many prayers my friend!


This is so said...one day she is blogging and the next she is gone...being at the wrong place at the wrong time...life is hard. Hugs, Leontine


oh wat verdrietig corinne... bah gecondoleerd

Monique Helfrich

So tragic :(

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