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September 11, 2008


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so sorry to hear this news about A, he deserves a fun thing for himself and that was soccer. PLSE give him a big hug from us and tell him we think he's a great kid !


o girl, i cannot believe this!! this is soooo sad. hate that this is all happening to you, and seriously hope things will change for the better soon girl!!



I'm so sorry that all this is happening to you. I really hope things will get easier for you soon. Hang in there. Lots of hugs

Lene S

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your little boy... Life is so cruel sometimes. I read your previous posts as well, I admire you girl. You are so strong, even if you don`t feel like it!

I`ll keep you in my prayers!

Hugs, Lene!


Djeeezzzz, how cruel can life be?
Sincerely hope you'll find a way to turn this into a positive thing, however i understand this must be near to impossible right now.

Thanks for sharing your ADHD info. Never considered myself as being an ADHD kind of person, but after doing one of the tests you mentioned... Well, for now I keep considering myself as a messy, creative, rapid thinking person. I related well to the extremely focused part.

Anyway, lots of luck, thinking of you, you'll all make it trough this... eventually!


This must be so hard for Anthony and yourself, esp. when things were going well last year. Hope it turns out OK. It was nice seeing you last Sunday.


Take care {heart}

We love you too!!!


Ppfff hang in there! Sending positive vibes your way.
Big hug for all of you!

José (It's a Girlsname here in Holland!)

Poor, poor Anthony. This isn't fair! Hopefully he will find another hobby he really likes (and were they won't give up so quickly!). I feel so sorry for him!

Hang in there Corinne! Your such a great woman!


So sad to hear about that... will pray for you & your son
Be blessed and keep your eyes turned on Jesus :-)


So sorry for Anthony. Bye Irene


oh no :( that's really not fair. not to him and not to you. big HUG coming your way. Hope you manage to focus and finish all stuff.


Hang in there!There are better things coming your way.

Denise Laborde

Just stopping by to give you a bisous! Mua!


ohw corinne, mijn hart brak toen ik jouw stukje las, hoe kunnen ze dat nou doen... bij een kind!! Wat vreselijk. En wat moet dat ook vreselijk voelen als mama zijnde. Bah Dikke kus

Gefeliciteerd met je papa en je zus. En heel erg veel plezier samen met je virnedin!

XX Tessa

Peggy Severins

That is just so sad, I hope he can join your husbands team as this is just plain horrible. Poor kid!


You are in my thoughts sweetness sorry for all this goingon with you ..


Aww my heart just breaks for your little big guy! Why do people pretend to understand when they obviously DON'T? Stuff like that makes me so angry! Here you build bridges and manage to take some wonderful steps forward, actually making progress, and there they just undo it, just like that. Grrrr!!!

Hope you find a solution!

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