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June 23, 2008


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sending prayers...and prayers too you too chicky...that you get all this stuff done!


Danielle Muit

What a sad, sad news, I will think of them all and they are in my prayers!!
Thinking of you too....knowing how much stress it can give to get it all done before you can go on holiday and relax. Wish I could help you too!!
Big hug, Danielle


Your sister is very beautiful!!!!!!!


i cannot imagine how life would be like, being 20 weeks pregnant and loosing your man. i can only think of INSANITY. hugs and prayers for your sis friends.
and good luck with the huge deadlines, i wouldn't want to trade with you ;p, although it was fun helping out friday :D.

Monique Helfrich

Isn't it the worst nightmare...? So sad...

You're sister looks like a real model in these gorgeous photo's.
The hurry hyperventilating thing must be the Alkmarian way of living for I feel the same these days. Yesterday the ws was a big hit and now I'm up with everything I neglected last couple of weeks... I guess you don't need the stuff in return this week... see you in August! Hold on!!
Wishing you and the family a relaxed wonderful time in Italy!



O my, that's terrible....
Good luck on your deadlines.
The pictures of your sister are gorgeous!


Breath in.. MMMM.. Breath out...

Make a minibook with those great pics of your beautifulsis!!

Lene S

Oh no..that´s so sad.. I will keep them in my prayers!

And you...take some deep breaths and lower the shoulders. You can do it! And I konw the results will turn out great, they always do from you ;o)

I love the pics of your sister, and I loooved the ones of Donna with family as well. You are a really good photograper!

Have a nice (busy though..) week!

hugs, Lene :o)


Hang in there (with everything that's going on) and enjoy Italy!


love the pics of your sister and I know you'll be able to front your deadlines!!!

hugs and prayers...


I don't even want to imagine how your sis friend must feel like right now. Hugs and prayers for her.
Hang in there girl, vacation is on the corner. Have a great time in Italy, enjoy!
Groetjes, Ellemieke

kimberly brimhall

beautiful photos and im sorry for your loss!




Hi corinne,
You are a great scrapbooker so I'm sure that you'll be able to face this effort!!!
I have just seen the layout on banana frog blog, what a wonderful page, it is very simple but always colorful! I love your style!
What can I say about your sister?mmmm you are beautiful women!!!!

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