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June 20, 2008


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Monique Helfrich

Wow Corinne, those pictures are stunning! And... I have to admit... several years ago I was in the class where Donna told us to "pak je piemel".... Pardon!? I even have a blurry picture of Donna where she shows how to 'hold your piemel'... :)

Lea Sanders

Wonderful family photos =)


Photo's are beautiful. And that comment from Donna is hilarious!


the photos are stunning!!! you're a great photographer, corinne!!


your photos are beautiful!

marianne Hope

De foto's zijn SO mooi!!! Beautiful!

Nicole Lund

Great photos! (I'm dying to know What she is saying LOL :D)


Lovely photos! And that video is so funny!


Hey Corinne love the photos you made they are beautiful. Love Donna, I did her workshop today and it was great.
Love the video you made and the comment of Donna is funny but I love the way your husband reacts "Here with al these people?" Bye Irene


Gorgeous photo's Corinne. I wish you lived closer so you could photograph us!


beautiful photo's girlie! and.. I am sad I cannot watch youtube movies.. I am mega curious now!


love the photos!!!!

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