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June 10, 2008


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haha, the flip is funny Corinne. hope you get back into swings soon girl. ttys :D


you'll get there I'm sure, get a list and FOCUS woman FOCUS !
It was a great time @ Derek, he's so charming and sweet, would love to see him again.


How cute is that and you are so darling, girl!!


:) I didn't know him,but he looks like FUN!And i think the tired thing is in the air!!!Pfff


That was very funny! Love child, eh? ha.. ha..

Monique Helfrich

That was so much fun (hear me laughing again hahaha)! Amazing to see him at work IRL. Sometimes human beings need a period of rest... so enjoy those days ;)


That video with Derek and you is so funny!!


Wat een leuk filmpje! Hij heeft echt humor :) Ik was er ook zaterdagavond, niet eens bij stilgestaan om filmpjes te maken, stom!

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