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June 11, 2008


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Yay for Anthony!!!
love the coasters too, they look sensational!!!


Wow your coasters look great. Love them, they definitly make a nice gift. Have fun in Donna's class tomorrow. I'm sure it will be great. I saw the book this sunday at the SAG and I loved it. I'll be attending her class on June the 22nd and I'm also looking forward to it. Couldn't make it tomorrow because my son is ill. Bye Irene


Gave onderzetters, ik ga meteen kijken op SIStv.En wat goed voor Anthony. Dat is nog eens een opsteker, TOP. Veel succes en plezier, Anthony, in je nieuwe team en op je nieuwe school!!
X Suus


wow...great selection of colors for your coasters..so vibrant!

i have not been to your blog for a while..you have been a busy little bee..lots of great stuff!


That's great news about Anthony!! Love those coasters!! Have fun with Donna!


Great news for Anthony, those things probably made him smile from ear to ear ! coasters turned out fab. Oh and wish I could join you tommorow but hey at least I got to take half her classe monday ;)


ohhhh corinne its beautifullllllllll
you are very funny...
I have to try...


That news on Anthony is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of it! Soccer and School!!!! Life is good my friend!

I love, LOVE the coasters! Now I gotta figure out how to do that! hehe

greetje van raalten

Your coasters look great wow wonderfull news about your kids!!!
Hope to hear you soon

Zia Marcy

Your coasters are really beautiful !! I will try to make them for sure. I just bought some gesso !!
Congratulation for Anthony !!!
And also congratulation to the Dutch soccer team for the victory versus Italy in the European soccer cup !!


wowza, rocking funky coasters my girl. love them. and such cool news about anthony. in the end, it'll all work out. i'll be thinking of you tomorrow! she was fun saturday!


Love your coasters! They are rockin!!!!! Congrats for Anthony! Stay afloat! -Melinda


those are sooo cool!!!!
i love the colors you chose


Wow, wat heerlijk voor Antoney zeg! Gefeliciteerd!
Ik ben aan de slag gegaan met je onderzetters...nou ja, ik heb er 1 gemaakt... Vond het wel leuk, dus wellicht volgen er nog meer...
Hier staat hij op mijn blog:

Groetjes, Astrid


Those are AWESOME!!!


holy COW those are cute.
loved hearing you talk in your last video. i miss you!!


just saw your coasters on SIS and they are fabulous!!! I have to buy gesso and play with it :))) Congratulations to Anthony (you told me the day you had the phone call and it was so cute!!!)

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Oh, Corinne! These coasters are amazing! I LOVE them! Thank you so much for sharing them! SIStv has a gem in you! :)

And I'm so glad to hear of Anthony's new school! What a blessing that is!


It was great to meet you, thanks for being so sweet to jamie and i...love your work, love your attitude and really glad we got to know you!
great coasters, by the way:)


Fantastische onderzetters maar het nieuws over Anthony is nog veel beter!


Love the coasters, Corinne. They are really awesome. :)
Congrats to Anthony on the soccer-team! And the school sounds great. Good luck on him. :)


Linda Loe

He zie je wel op een gegeven moment valt alles op zijn plaats. Het is jouw en je familie gegunt.
Groetjes Linda

Lene S

I just love good news, feel so happy for you! ;o) This is so cool for Anthony, yay for him!!

I saw the coaster tutorial on Sis, they are awesome, such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing, hon!


Too cute! You have been tagged.


ohhh, such cute thingies!! love the colors and the design!!

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