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May 02, 2008


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Hi Corinne,

Super challenge, it was lots of fun making something with this one,
here you can find my take on it:



Adliz Jamile

Wow! Love it! I will also participate! :)


That was my last friday most fun moment =)
Thanks a lot! You are an every day inspiration.
Here it is: http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/portfolio/view_layout.php?layout_id=93220&user_id=3812


Great tutorial, I love your vibrant designs and I would certainly love to play with some more scrapbooking supply.....

My layout can be found here: http://flickr.com/photos/13363930@N00/2473771645/ I am still in the process of growth. I would like this process to happen faster and faster . However, sometimes I feel that not only am I not growing fast enough, but maybe going backwards ....

All the best,
Dublin, Ireland

Adliz Jamile

Corinne Hello!
Here is my participation in their challenge. I loved his tutorial, congratulations!
Below journaling, translated by google therefore not write in English! :)

"Living alone, is being
an incredible experience ...
My house today is my
smell, my way, my time ...
Today it is my color,
my sons and my people ...
This is me turning
in a safe and a woman
a child also safe!
My growth happens
all times and that only me
does feel more happy to be
alive and in love, love and love!

Thank you universe,
thank you!"

XOXO Adliz Jamile!

Adliz Jamile

Oh... forgot to put the link, rs!
Here it is:
XOXO, Adliz!

Gaëlle de Larmor

Gorgeous lo ! I love it ! Hope to meet you in october in Montpellier ;)

Linda Loe


This my Lo of this challenge I loved to this one thank you for challenging me.
groetjes Linda


geweldig challenge here is mijn lo nog een keer...


played along :D
had so much fun Corinne!! cannot wait to see your next tutorial!!


This one is soooooo nice!


Hi Corinne,
I've been a fan for a while, but never written anything - I love your tutorial - keep it coming. Nothing better than being taught how to do things by someone whoms work you admire. Keep the inspiration coming!
xx AJ (Western Australia)


Great idea.love your lo.
here is my card:

Marilyn Tan

you kidding?! Your first tutorial? It's fantastically taught. :) Thanks for the great instructions.


Corinne, Thank you for the tutorial, it's very pretty !!!


Thansk for sharing this awesome tutorial, I loved it! Maybe I´ll try scraplift you.


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