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May 01, 2008


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LOL - we could trade places and not even notice it ;-) Can't wait to see your updated photos!


haha, familiar looking desk. they say chaotic people are more happy. so i guess that's true :D. and LOVE your stuff you found on queensday. i was with Sanne & ruben, not a good match to go look for yourself i tell ya :D.
have fun saturday!

Denise Laborde

So honest of you to post photos of your chaotic scraproom! Spring cleaning is on of THE BEST feelings in thr world! I just "did" my whole house too and it helps to clear my head, my heart...everything! Bises,


Sweetie so proud of you ! We've just spent the whole morning in the garage, sorted, cleaned out, purged and even sorted all the screws, nails etc. in the sorting boxes from Xenos. Tommorow we'll climb up the attic ...


This sure looks like a room of someone with ADHD ;)!! I think it's great that you have started to clean your house and make order in the chaos!


heerlijk he...om alles op te ruimen...nou ja...om alles opgeruimd te hebben! LOL! (het opruimen zelf is iets minder vind ik altijd) gave koffer heb je gescoord zeg! (zo'n eentje hebben wij boven ook nog staan) succes met opruimen nog! groetjes marije.


The SIS date will be Friday 8pm my time :) You know those sayings grandmothers say when your are a kid... here's one mine would say, "a cluttered room equals a cluttered mind." I hope your mind didn't suffer any :) Looking forward to seeing your scrappiness! :)


ohhh wat zal jij straks weer lekker scrappen als alles is opgeruimd..
maar ja ze noemen het niks voor niks he creative mess succes met alles organiseren en ben erg benieuwd naar maya road creaties..


Hey! Your scrap room looks like my scrap room! LOL I am so happy to hear you are getting yours all organized! Would you like to come and do mine after you are done with yours? LOL

Sounds like you are going to be having LOTS of fun on NSD! I will have to check it out!

Linda Loe

Ohh wat fijn dat alles is opgeruimd ben wel een beetje jaloers op je als alles mooi is opgeruimd. Ga morgen proberen mee te doen op SIS maar ik denk niet om 7.00 uur.
En je lay out hierboven met de boom is prachtig leuk om het stap voor stap te zien.


LOLLLL your desk looks

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