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May 16, 2008


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Jenny Doornbos-Straatman

Hi Corinne,

I am reading your blog with a lot of pleasure and I admire your scrap-work in the magazines!

Have a great day,

Scrappy Jen D.


I thought it was funny! But I'm from Eugene OR, USA, the treehugger capital of the world (at least it feels that way some times!!) Have a good weekend and I love your blog!


they are both SO FUNNY! do you mind if i lift the idea of hugging a tree. my husband NEEDS this layout done about him...

love your work by the way! thanks for always keeping me entertained at work... hehe


LOL, this card is just to funny! Love your LO too!!


Don't stress chick - I totally got it.. cracked me up - even called my BF over to see it ;)


whahahaha...ik vind het echt MEGAgrappig!!! LOL! groetjes marije.


I thought the tree joke was funny! Sometimes in life we just need to look at things in a positive way and not take things TOO seriously.


Hi! I just want to say that I loooove your scraproom with its minimalistic structure and how it looks so military organized ;-)

/Zun from Sweden


Zucht.......sommige mensen moeten niet zo teuten. Ik vind dat jij je moet kunnen uitdrukken zoals jij dat wilt. Doe maar lekker jouw ding, dat doe je goed !
Beterschap met je hand ( is het je schrijfhand ?) Ik hoop de andere !
Welterusten X Suus


Hi, Corinne! That photo made me smile. Hehe.

Read your post about your (hopefully not) sprained wrist. How are you doing? Hope you get it checked soon and feel better soon. I can so totally relate of running down stairs to answer a knock 'coz it's just me and my son at home. And, yep, I had a pretty bad fall at one time and I was even carrying my son. My ankle hurt for a couple of days but turned out to be nothing.

Hope your wrist just needs some rest too.



It was totally clear that it was about treehugging and NOT about rape.Don't even sweat it girlfriend!

sue brown

Loved the treehugging layout. I got it, I'm an Aussie, we hug trees all the time!!!LOL


When I see this photo of the treehugging, I think it is hillarious. Love it. So don't feel to bad.

Good luck with your wrist, hope you'll be better soon


I just found your blog and I love your work! in regards to the treehugger thing, i just think if you've been through that, the thing that pops out to you is the RAPE-
but anyways, i love your blog, I am bookmarking it now :)


omg loved that made me spit my drink out! LOL Hope sprain is healing well...xo


You made me laugh out loud with your 'Is it rape if the tree doesn't want to be hugged' comment.

I am druid and you may know druids are supposed to be major treehuggers. By the way, if the tree tells you to sod off - go hug some other friggin' tree, that scrawny bramble bush over there hasn't had a decent hug in ages - well you sort of comply ------ or don't you :-)

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