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April 24, 2008


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wow! those stamps are awesome! love them!


love the stamps and the little sewing kit..your stuff rocks.


...OMG!!!! These stamp sets are so cute!!! As is the sewing set also...PICK ME PICK ME...( trying to do my trick again...;-)
Corinne take good care of yourself PLEASE...this throat thing sounds really scary!!! Hope the doctor can help you!


I wish I could win the stamps !


this is really nice from you!!

these stamps are great!! :)


Are you kiddin', of course I wanna win!! That sewing kit is the cutest!
THanks for all the inspiration!


Ruby Claire

Hey, just letting you know my thoughts and prayers are with you :)
You probably never have seen me comment but i have subscribed to your blog and visit all the time cause your work and posts are awesome :)
Isnt it so exciting to hear a heartbeat? Your sister must be so happy, and you so proud :) Hope your sore throat gets better. Thanks for the chance for this giveaway.
Love Ruby xxx


Dude I need those stamps...LOL
They arer really cute,but the LO!OMG blowed my mind!
Corinne darling,thank you so much for everything you do for me.
When I get back from England I'll tell you what is going on over here...
I'm not 100% yet but I'll be fine for sure and is always the hope that tomorrow will be a better day:)
Love you

Sylvia klink

Wow that looks great!! I wanna play too let me win!!!



I am always in for new stamps!
These stamps are very good for a layout about Amsterdam. I visit Amsterdam a few times a year.
Very relaxing.



Im a long time lurker, soak up everything from your blog on a regular basis, I love your work!!
That is just the cutest little sewwing kit and WOW those stamps are awesome! Havent seen anything like that here in Aus before!!


I'm not surprised about your vocal chords girl, stress does that to some people (my voice goes all funny when I'm stressed) and you've had plenty of it lately. You're always full of good advice for others, it's time you took some of your own medicine gal ;-)
Oh, and those stamps are just "da bomb" would love to win them hihi


I am screaming in my head right now. What a shock to see me up there in lights on one of the most talented sister's blogs ever! Thank you for making me so beautiful. :) Oh and if I don't win those stamps, can I buy them somewhere? I HAVE to have them. You are just plain ole awesome.



Ooooh Corinne! Those stamps are amazing!!! Brings out the dutch in me, they look so incredibly dutch, the bike, the houses, wow!!! :)
I'd love to have them if you pick me. :) Pretty sure you have my email address. as well. ;)
Anyways hope your feeling better...
It's always great to stop by your blog. :)


You know I am loving that sewing kit right?! LOL


wow! those stamps look awesome! and the sewing kit is just the cutest :-)
hope you feel better really soon, and thanks for the chance.


Those clear stamps are gorgeous...they would go well Shimelle's `No Place Like Home' class that I'm really enjoying. And as for that sewing kit...it would've come in super handy at work the other day when I lost a button off the front of my trousers!! I think I'd keep it in my work drawer for future emergencies :P xoxo


Glad you are doing better, but sore throats are a pain in themselves!
Love the stamps and the sewing kit! Your layouts ROCK!


What an awesome layout!
Die poppetjes zijn echt helemaal leuk, super!

Fijn dat het weer wat beter gaat. Succes met je keel!


So pleased for you and your sister. And the giveaway looks fab!


Nice blog!
And cool sewing kit -- my mom just got the exact same one for me since I am moving out soon. :-))


i love the different houses stamps so cool :)



Those little houses are the cutest!


Hi Corinne,

Love this give-away and, like everybody here, need it off course!
Also very much in love wirdt your LO's!
Wat goed dat je je beter voelt, hopelijk gaat je keel er ook snel op vooruit!

Groetjes Laura


Gorgeous layout Corinne!!

I LOVE those stamps! pick me please!!!

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