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April 15, 2008


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kimberly brimhall

oh tubes can be scary. much love and sweet prayers!


Oh wat is je mannetje dapper geweest, weet maar al te goed wat het is om je kind uit de narcose te krijgen. Deze zomer staan we er voor, de 8e keer voor Melanie.

En voor je ome Jan, heel veel sterkte, ik zal heel hard duimen


Danielle Muit

Your family is in my prayers!! And what a brave young man was Jadenn.
Take care and a big hug, Danielle


good to hear Jadenn was such a trooper! and i'm thinking of your uncle, hopefully all things will go okay!


good to hear Jadenn was such a trooper. sorry to hear about your uncle, i'm thinking about you and your family!

Monique Helfrich

Fijn dat dat van Jadenn weer achter de rug is. Ik denk aan je oom, sterkte.


so happy it went well today ! Sorry to hear about your uncle.


sending love, hope, and prayers for you and your family.

Ami D.

Hope everyone is on the mend. Sending good thoughts to your uncle.


Het woord dat je zoekt is 'tonsils' (amandelen). Jadenn had his tonsils taken out.

Lilian Schneider

Poor Jadenn, but you must be so proud of him!
I hope that things will turn out o.k. with your uncle.


Hope all turns out well for you uncle. :(

How brave your little man was. It's stunning how brave children can be. Sometimes even brave than we are. No tears, no fears, no nothing. wonderful. Hope all is well with your kids now and sure hope the 'neusamandelen' stay away this time.

Love, es


Be sure to spoil your brave, little man rotten with ICE CREAM!!! Because when I had my tonsils removed when I was a little girl, both nose and throat, they promised me lots of ice cream. Now I am 30 years old and STILL disappointed by the lack of ice cream!!! ;) (This will save you lots of psych bills when he grows up, believe me!!!)

I hope for the best concerning your uncle. I lost my mom to this dreadful disease only 2 years ago, and it's something you don't want anyone to suffer from. :(

Lea Sanders

Prayers for your whole family. Hope everything works out and everyone gets well soon.


Good to hear Jadenn was not scared!Sending some strength right now!


Good to read that Jadenn wasn't scared at all.
Sorry to read about your uncle. I hope everything turns out to be OK. I know how it is loosing a loved one to this horrible disease, it's something terrible.

Petra van Osch

Dit is wel heel veel ziekenhuis in een korte tijd.... Sterkte!

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