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April 30, 2008


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Wow, cool stuff! I can imagine the look on your hubby's face, lol. :)

Denise Morrison

OMG..I can so so relate to this! My husband does the same thing, my bestest girlfriend and I getting giddy over a smelling suitcase of old paper, postcards and drag home all kinds of things off the side of the road..he just shakes his head. I love your finds, the playing cards and the little owl are the best!


Timmie het tijgertje!
Die heb ik als klein kind nog gehad :D veel plezier met je aankopen. Mooie site!


ohhhh ohhhh kwijl en ben zo jaloers ik keek het hele jaar er al naar uit helaas ziekjes dus mog niet weg boehoe maar jeetje meis wauw wat ben jij zo gaaf geslaagd...
en die vintage kaarten echt onwijs onwijs cute smelt smelt..


Wow! you did score big! I really like the whole bunch of cards the best. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with it. :)




Wauw, geweldig dit!! Kan me zo voorstellen dat je dit moest kopen. Zo kocht ik onlangs bij de Kringloop een heel oud boek met alle pagina's vergeeld, oud en van die sierlijke letters.... dusse ik begrijp je wel hoor ;)

Groetjes Frences


Wow I'm so jealous of your scores! I never find so much awesome stuff here. Good job!


oh my goodness! Can't believe you FOUND this!!!!
totally awesome!

Marcia Hamelijnck

Oh my gosh, Corinne! Such cool stuff you've found!!!!


ok you were right, these were fab finds ! And I love socks with toes !


I'm soooooo drooling over your new stash!!! Love the vintage, love the lace, omi - love it all!


great buys!
that lace is rockin!


what awesome finds! koninginnedag is perfect
for this sort of stuff, but you've done sooo well!!

Lea Sanders

Lots of great loot! I can think of plenty of stuff to do with the old music papers. =)


Wow! What a score Corinne!


OMG!! my eyes popped out when I saw your score of the day! Next year I'm coming to Alkmaar!!!


Woooohhhh great stuff !!! Enjoy putting it all on scrappaper!

Rachel Millington

That is some awesome shopping! Loving the tins and those socks look fantastic! Have fun with it all, can't wait to see what you do with the lace & cards :)


ooooooh jij hebt veel spulletjes gevonden zeg! wauw! goed geslaagd dus...zie ik!!! groetjes marije.


omg!!!! I am drooooooooling!!!
I had to smile, cause I have the excact same book as you bought, the babybook with the blue rabbitboy:)


Are you going to use pages from your newspaper books for scrapping? Would you consider a trade for some of them? I could send you some stuff from Washington for them!
Love your blog. You make me smile, wish I could read all the comments though.

Linda Loe

Ohh wat een geweldige scoren zeg. Ik ga maandag hier naar de vrijmarkt ben benieuwd waar ik mee thuis kom. Neem de mannen niet mee:-)

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