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April 21, 2008


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Astrid Samuels

Ahhh that poem takes my breath away!
Hope you are feeling better soon, everything needs to find a place.
I was nice to see you yesterday!!
Hugs Astrid


heftig!!! maar wel heel mooi! Ik ben blij dat je toen in ieder geval je gevoelens op papier kreeg. En ik hoop dat het steeds beter zal gaan om je gevoelens mondeling te kunnen uiten!


Mooi gedicht Corinne! Echt uit je hart!! Sterkte meid!


My tears are ready to come down... the poem is between beautiful and heartbroken...


I hope you're feeling better :-)


Hang on and share with your close people. Mika


such a beautiful poem sweets. and everything will be ok.

Nancy Doren

What a beautiful poem. Letting all this emotion out now will be exhausting, but it will also be a relief. I wrote a letter to myself about all the pent up emotion I had when I was a teenager that I didn't let out (it's on my blog on a layout). It was really helpful. You're doing awesome!


Totally totally beautiful - thank you for sharing. My heart breaks for you

Monique Helfrich

hee lieverd, you've got mail...


ik ben er stil van..................

maar heel veel sterkte, inzicht en uithoudingsvermogen de komende tijd
je kunt het en je komt er altijd veeeeel mooier en sterker uit


Danielle Muit

What a beautiful and touching poem!! Thinking of you and I know for sure you will manage. At first it seems all is getting worse but in the end you see a new you and then you can say it was worth all the tears and pain!! Big hug

Petra van Osch

Ik weet niet zo goed wat ik moet zeggen. Het lijkt wel of dit soort dingen nooit stukje bij beetje kunnen worden verwerkt en dat het alles of niets is... Sterkte met alles!


Don't worry too much sweets,you are loved!


What a beautiful and touching poem. I recognize that feeling, my boyfriend died also, when I was 25, and life suddenly turned another way that I thought it would be. Now, I am happy and life is good, but I think about him everyday, and I think I will always wonder how things would have been if he didn't just die like that...
Sending you all of my warmest thoughts *hug*


what a moving expression of your sadness and confusion ,at such a tragic time in your life...thanks so much for sharing your very touching poem.
*hugs to you *

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Thank you for sharing this part of yourself with us. Such raw emotions, but it shows such a sensitive part of you that I didn't know existed before.


kimberly brimhall

*sigh* beautiful and tragic...but YOU are inspiring;)

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