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April 08, 2008


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You are seriously rockin' the transparencies!
Hambly is one of my faves..can't get enough of it!


Gorgeous layouts!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~POSITIVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~these are the vibes girl. now i'm lost...

LOVED your layouts in the cmf. especially the enfant terrible, too funny. love those huge FAMILY letters. cool work as ever!


Prachtige LO's!!

anita l.

Here's the vibes:
Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :-)


The positive vibes are on the way! Hope they arrive in time ;)!
Loved your layouts in the cmf. My favorite is the enfant terrible.
Thanks for picking Giggle on the catwalk at SIS!

Heather Hatanpa

Love, love, love the layouts! You are such an awesome scrapper.


LOVE the LO's!!!


Awesome layouts ! And here come the vibes :-))))))))))))


I love Hambly's too!!!! I created my first LO with them last Saturday and I'm hooked.
Fantastic pages, Corinne.


SOrry girl,need my vibes...I AM WAYYYYYYYY BEHIND!But i am luvin the layouts,awesome!


i absolutely love your layouts!!!! such cute and masculine but pretty guy-pages!
Sending positive vibes your way!.........>>>>>>

Charlene Teo

That's a lot of layouts girl! Nice!

Lea Sanders

Love-love-love the layouts! So vibrant, they just jump out from my computer. =)

Sarah Pandolfo

Love, love the layouts! Bright and so very artistic! Keep posting; love to see your amazing layouts.



I love hambly too! Just got some today... now if I can only make it to the scrap table!


These are all just incredible!!!

emily anderson

i love the detail on all these layouts...they are just incredible!


Oh for heavens sake...you dont ever have a bad scrapbook day do you?
you are such a magical unicorn you!!! just LOOK at those layouts..
wow corrine just stunning!

celine navarro

I have to say that I was lucky enough to see those layouts in real life and that scan doesn't do them any justice, and yet they are STUNNING!
you are da bomb, sweetie!


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