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March 14, 2008


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owmy,those sneaks look so gorgeous!!And your owl is simply precious!


Looks so cool, love the kit and the comic stuff what a great idea. Mika


Wow!thess pages look great!!and the first one is so beautiful! You are so talented!love love your work!!

Karin SN

First, I Love your work and think that you make amazing things!

Second: you're not alone! I got my ADHD diagnosis a year ago and by talking about it in my blog I have gotten to now several girls in the Swedish scrapbooking community who also have made the same journey. We are all creative and have the same experience. My journey started by a question my doctor asked me when I was back again for yet another period of depression and the journey of discovering and accepting me still continuous. It's hard to now that I have to work harder to accomplish the same things as many of my friends but at the same time I now know that I feel better when I'm me and do what I'm good at instead of trying to be like everyone else.

Your not alone!



Oeh! Ik wil die kit!
Geweldige dingen heb je ervan gemaakt!
Ik ga meteen ff op hun site kijken..
xxx Mandy


top top top.
it's so beautiful.
bizz nelly


wow Corinne such a cool 'finding you' layout. did you tape the blue on yourself before or after the pic? it looks very cool girl! and ofcoure wishing you good luck with the new finding...
the sneaks are gorgeous, those stamps are fab. and the pic of you all is so fun!!

Anita Mundt

wasn't this kit just the best??!!!

Denise Morrison

first, I love the layout..I am crazy for red right now and second...thanks for sharing that. My son was just diagnosed with innatentive ADD and it's been freeing for him as well. He's 11 and as much as I love him, I often thought he was just lazy. I feel terrible for thinking that but it did look that way. Now we understand so much more about what his thoughts, feelings are. Now it isnt a secret, what a relief! Have you heard about "hyperfocus"? It's one of the good things about ADD, the ability to be absorbed in and completley focus on something you love. My husband and I were talking to Conner about it and he said, "hyperfocus...is that like a superpower?" yeah buddy, it is, it really is!! good luck on your journey and like I tell my son, you are perfectly made!


MIjn man heeft ADHD en mijn dochter heeft het dus ook. Waarschijnlijk heeft mijn zoon ADD. Tja en dan is het niet altijd even makkelijk. Toen we het van Melanie kregen te horen, viel een boel van mijn man op zijn plaats. Het maakt het er niet makkelijker op hoor, zeker niet, maar dat het nu een naam heeft gekregen verklaard een heleboel.

Je LO's zijn super, de sneeks zijn ook mooi, ben heel benieuwd hoe ze er uit zien ;)

gr en een fijn weekend



I just love your scrappin' style!!! Very cool how you "scrapped" your face in the photo! I wish you all the best in your recent discovery about yourself! You're just amazing no matter what!!! -Melinda

Amber Z

You rock! ;)



I'm glad you have such a great support system around you to make this easier for you.

GB Hugs & All The Best!!!


I always love to come here Corinne and see what magic you've created! You didn't disappoint again!


Jen Jockisch

dude. it's friday, my husbands gone, my kids in bed. i was so wanting to scrap, but just zero inspo. But wait! I just read your blog. And saw your projects. ANd now I want to scrap. :):)


Wow, geweldige layouts, Corinne! So bright and funky, as the English say, lol.

groeten, Mazina

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