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January 10, 2008


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What a sweet layout ! So different from your usually very funky stuff, but it looks wonderful. And the photos rock !


WOW! Love the photos!!


AWESOME pics Corinne. and thanx for sharing your tips & tricks (i'm still learning here :D).
LOVE that lo with the tiny parts, love love it!


That's me screaming here!
I want to play funcky too.I want a photo shot again,I want tons of make up!hahaha
You so dang rock everything you do!


Great pictures, they look super funky!
Wish I knew how to play in photoshop, hehe. ;)

Monique Helfrich

Hi there artist! Wonderful pictures and since we have an apple in the house now, I'll give photoshop a try this year ;) Love the wonderful baby layout in Scrap! and teh RdG are so rocking YOU-GOOD!


That is some super hot makeup. Great job on the photos.

That LO is so cute, I love it!


Rock On Girl!!! Love the photos!!!! I have a pair of super funky eyelashes from Halloween .... maybe I'll try something ;-) Thanks for your advice on photo editing ... time to go try it out! And of course the page is sooooo adorable! -Melinda


Hi Corinne, what a funky photo's, wish I was so selfconcious in front of the camera ;) and that I could play with photoshop like you, really want to learn more about that this year. I bought the SCRAP this morning and like your article, I want to give the sketch a try. Would be fun to be published some time in a scrapmagazine :)
Hugs Astrid (with a enormeous belly ;) )

jen davis

Seriously fun photos there and the layout is simply SWEET! Thanks for sharing!


hehe love the photos. Reminds me of my 80's days! that layout is adorable!


those are amazing photos!!! I love the catch light, I love the editing... seriously totally funky and uber cool! Inspiring me, yet again!!!


Those photos look like they are straight out of a rock mag or something!!! WOWOWOWOWOW you gorgeous hunk a woman!! How fun, how cool, how yum diddly scrumptious!
Wish I had photoshop, or any editing program for that matter lol, just to play and make cool stuff lol
Love the layout too but I just can't stop raving about your photos!!


The oics are STUNNING! I really need a better lens to do this, I always end up with just a nose or only eyes.. Cute too, but not always! So witch lens do you use?



Oh Em Gee!!!!! :) You are a rock Star for sure woman!!! Gorgeous Gorgeous! I adore you.

And the layout.. Lovely! So sweet and soft and oooooo how I want a bebe girl!


Cool sis! Remember to make some shots like that from me when i'm back in NL this spring!


ah such cool shots girl!!!


Wow Corinne, de foto's zijn helemaal cool dudette :)
Ik heb PSP en snap dus niks van het hele CS2 gebeuren. Denk erover om elements aan te schaffen, schijnt ook te lukken. De levels?? heb geprobeerd in PSP maar dat gaat toch iets anders. Maar, vind het supercool wat je hebt gedaan, coole make up ook en geweldig idee :)

gr Alette


Luv the layout girl,way pretty!And those pics,AMAZING!


you already know how much i love these photos!!!! i am gonna keep practising the photo editing, its the toughest bit for me!
that layout is so gorgeous,
anna xx

Aleida Franklin

Corinne: I love coming here, and I love your work. You continue to amaze and inspire me. Your photographs are hot. I so impressed that you schooled yourself how to use the photoediting software. Good for you. I bought a book to do the same. Wish me luck and success.


saw these photos already on flickr, amazing, really! apart from being a photographer you're also an expert in hairdressng and make up lol !!


Thanks for your tips Corinne!!
I gave it a shot myzelf http://catsies.web-log.nl/mijn_weblog/2008/01/new_love.html

See you Saturday :-)


LOVE LOVE LOVE the makeup photos! Your eyes are gorgeous! Unbelievably Fantastic. Love it! Thanks for explaining how you got those marvelous shots. I also try to use natural light and not a lot of flash (don't like the harsh flash). I also love Adobe Photoshop and am just learning how to get the most out of my pictures. Again.. I just love your stuff.


OMG !!! THOSE PHOTOS REALLY RRRRRROCK !! LOOOOVE THEM !! YES, i agree, looks like they are from a Rock magz !!
Thank you for sharing your tips, must try these !! :)
Hugs from Australia :)

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