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January 15, 2008


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I'm so exited to meet you Saturday, and I'm so looking forward to the scrap-a-licious weekend!
The pictures are really georgeous!!


OH my goodness look at those eyes!!! Gorgeous photos!!


What a pretty girl. And love the picz you toke from yourself. There are soooooo great. Love es


cannot wait till the workshop in March girl!! sooo looking forward to it. i'll miss this saturday but i'm planning to be there the next time around... :D. beautiful pictures!!


she is stunning!!!!
See you saturday!!!!!! dont know what to bring either... actually it is one of the first real crops I go to.... LOL


Hey girl!yesss way excited about saturday and scrap-a-licious!We will have a blast thats for sure.misted you last time at our photo shoot on xtreme!xxx


nice pictures!!!! xoxo

Monique Helfrich

1,5 month sounds SOON!!! Looking forward to it! Hope the result at WW will surprise you in a positive way! And love those pictures of Naomi; beautiful lady like!


What a cue girl. I'm looking foreward to meet you again next saturday (I was sitting next to you at Elsie's workshop in Hilversum, 2 years ago)...and looking foreward to the 8th of March to :-)


het corinne...wat gaaf om te lezen dat je zaterdag ook komt...leuk je eindelijk eens in het echt te ontmoeten! heb er helemaal zin in....en inderdaad....wat moeten we meenemen...daar moet ik ook maar eens over na gaan denken! LOL! de foto's zijn gaaf joh...enne succes bij de WW...ben ook weer begonnen met 'lijnen'! soms heb je goede dagen en soms....whahahaha! succes in ieder geval! tot zaterdag! groetjes marije.


Just beautifull pictures Corinne...

So - only 2 more nights of sleep here in Denmark and we will be driving to Holland friday when we close the shop !

Can't wait to meet you finally :-)
- and all the other talented dutch, english and swedish scrappers.

See you soon.



Looks like yu're going to have sooo much fun there Corinne !! all the best and can't wait to hear all about this !!
Naomi's photos are simply stunning (beautiful eyes !!!! )
Hugs from Australia ;)

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