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December 22, 2007


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Beautiful pictures, Corinne !
I wish you and your family a very merry christmas, may your house and home be filled with happiness !


Wonderful pictures girl,Youre boys are way cute!And i hope you can find some peace these upcoming days,and just spit it all out girl.Believe me,it helps!!


Vertel... vertel... waar heb je die vakantie gevonden? Ik ben ook al op zoek, maar het meeste is helaas ver boven ons budget... (ik beloof je met rust te laten haha).


Great pictures!
Never been to Italie but if I hear you I sure have to go someday.

Don't transform your stress in eating sweetie!! You already lost so much weight! Hang you last "de Creatie" layout on your fridge or somewhere in your kitchen maybe that helps?! Try to find a different way to loose the stress....Well now i sound very wise I guess but I am so the same when it involves stress....Just keep going to the WW...my class has a x-mass break and starts again on jan 7th...ieks!

Merry x-mass to you and your guys!





Have your selves a merry little christmas, and look forward to your well deserved summer holidays! which woman is not totally stressed by now LOL, you should have seen me last friday... had a christmasparty the night before, and since my car died in a trafficjam last week I had to take my husbands (his holidays already started) I just completely lost control when I couldn't find the "achteruit" after ten minutes... had to climb three stairs up to ask him and went crying to work ten minutes late... Must be this time of year!! Again, happy holidays, eat as much as you like, and Januari is a new change!

Catherine Scanlon

I love your photos!! I also love the way you changed the background to black on the one with the red berries...LOVE that!


forgot to say that the pictures of your boys are absolutely stunning, as was the seenery today!! Just wish this could stay the christmasdays too... but well we live in Holland...


Hi there!!!
Wooooooooooonderful pictures... see, we dont have snow here in brazil and having the opportunity to see those fantastic nature gifts is really amazing.. thanks for these awesome picts...
See ya :)

Kathy W

Very nice pictures, especially the ones with your boys. It is always exciting to have vacation booked and something to look forward to. I've never been to Italy, but my son found it one of his favorite countries when he visited Europe. Thanks for sharing.


These pictures are georgous Corinne!!! And your summer vacation sounds wonderful too!

Breanne Crawford

those photos are absolutely stunning!


Gorgeous pictures, as always !
Merry Xmas to the 4 of you !!
Bises from Toulouse

Monique Helfrich

Stunning pictures Corinne!!!!! So good you booked this vacation and to have something fun to look forward too!!! We're off to Italy too (again...)


beautiful photos Corrine
Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas!


Wow - it's so beautiful!! Those photos are amazing!

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