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November 19, 2007


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Aleida Franklin

Are you kidding? This is your blog and you have the freedom to post what you want and say what you want. It's therapeautic! I love your OLW layout. It's gorgeous.


If people were offended.... than how can this be your problem?...
I loved your lo and I think you should put it back up on your blog.


I love this layout - I do Not understand why it was offending people - It was about you and your thoughts and feelings- so how can somebody not involved in this be offended. I can only repeat the title of your layout.


Hi Corinne,

I cannot believe that people were offended by your layout!!! I thought it was beautiful and just like Nat said: it was about YOU and YOUR feelings! I really hope you will put your layout back on your blog, where it belongs! Don't let them get to you girl!


Hey it's your blog sweetie, you can post anyword or photo you like ! so happy to have shared this weekend with you, that was fun !


I think the journaling on your layout was very true.


It's back up people, calm down. Corinne and I have talked and we are fine!


BTW (ie Charlotte), no one was trying to get to her! I have freedom to express an opnion just like Corinne does.


Glad you had a nice time together with the girls. Can't wait to see your pics.
Love, Isolde

Aleida Franklin

Thank you darling. You are gutsy and you so ROCK! :)


First of all - I really love your OLW-layout!

Second: I wanted to tell you that the challenge with your layout is up at http://swescrapbook.blogg.se if you want to check it out. Thank you so much for letting us use your layout!

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