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November 21, 2007


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yep I like that jump one of me too. And I gotta say I don't see many pics you don't look good in, even if I make them LOL.... Maybe you should take up a supermodel career ;)


You look great on the pictures. Thin and beautiful.
Hope things with school will turn o.k. and that you will get some sleep.


Corinne I am sorry about all the stress you are experiencing. Girl I don't know how you are doing it but even through all of this you are STILL creating AMAZING projects (I LOVE the ornament) & looking WONDERFUL!



Oh Corrine, so sorry to hear things are not good with your son, hope you get things sorted and start to feel better. YOu look stunning in the photos btw!


Hai Corinne, your x-mas hanger is great!
Try to keep positive, maybe you like the other location better as well?! Wish you all the strength you need! Take care.. XOXO


Astrid Samuels

I really love your doorhanger! And the pics are nice to, looks like you all had lots of fun together! Hugs for all sorrows, I have a lot too these days so I can totally relate!

Danielle Muit

Corinne....wow, you're looking so great!!! And I really hope the end of all your sorrows is near. Hang in there! I love your doorhanger...really great :-)
Hug, Danielle

Kirsty Wiseman

I love the picture of you in the orange top - just look at you glow, girl!

Lilian Schneider

Loooooooove that doorhanger, hope you'll feel better soon!


Cool doorhanger and pictures! I know that place with the 'hunebed'. It's not that far from where I live. Hope you get some answers on Friday and you feel better soon. Big hug!


wat een geweldige deurhanger zeg... helemaal super! en wat een leuke foto's zeg!!!

Maricarmen Maza

I love the picture, I Love the ornament!

Petra van Osch

Volhouden Corinne!

En je projecten zijn weer geweldig!!


Such a cute doorhanger!xmas scrapping is not my thing but i really like this!Beautiful pictures as always :)


love the doorhanger and the pictures totally rock!


Wow! I totely love your christmas door-hanger!!!
It looks great!!

Groetjes, Astrid


Great project, great pictures and try to keep a possitive mind. Everything will turn out good in the end. And as long as you can stand behind a tough dissision it's ok.



hope you feelin' better now!! love your hanger in this fresh traditional look!! and the pics!! great!! must be fun to do this shooting!! send you strength!! ;)


great doorhanger. like the colour and style you used.

i hope that you feel better and that Anthony is feeling okay at his school.
have a nice weekend

Pearl Maple

Hope you are feeling better soon, as everyone has already posted, there is too much that you can get stressed over this time of year but you are still posting some delightful creations here. Thanks for peeks into your Christmas cards and decorations, they are beautiful.


gosh Corinne!!! You really have lost a lot of weight!!! Not that you were super big to even begin with! but wow...you are such an inspiration--I really need to get on the losing bandwagon :)

Patty Tanúz

O love that hang door!!! is really beautiful!!! and the pics all are fab!!!! wowowow!!! Kisses from México!

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