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August 24, 2007


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Peggy Severins

That's great Corinne, I am very happy for you guys, especially Anthony. Hope it all works out and he can find some peace in this school.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya Corinne!

Sending you a GB Hug.

Danielle Muit

Woohoo such a great news!!! Girl I'm soooo happy for you and your family :-)


You go girl!!! Keeping my fingers crossed till monday... But am sure you did it! You are a great mom, now go off to bed! Have a great weekend!!


so glad to hear everything is looking brighter hun, i have evrything crossed and keeping you in my thoughts

Kathy W

I am a lurker that checks into your blog daily. I am SO happy for you. As a teacher, I am frustrated when the system does not do the best thing for kids. I've been pulling for you and your son from afar, and so admire your determination to make things happen despite the incredible pain and stress that your family has gone through. If we don't stand up for our kids, though, then, sometimes nobody else will. Hope you have a great weekend. And I'll send good vibes for Monday. Hope the surgery goes smoothly next week.


Wow, so happy to see your face light up like this! Your new blog design looks great too, and I'll be crossing my fingers for good news on Monday!


I am so happy for you!!! It is such a shame you have to fight so hard for something that should be taken care of in a minute!!!!! Have a great weekend!


I'm soooooo glad for you sweetie. Just hang in there and all will be okay.
big hugs to all of you (((x)))


Hey, that sounds realy good!! Now go on and enjoy the weekend!!!!


oh wow girlie! Thank goodness!
*big hugs*


yay!! congrats girl!! keep the V up :)

Kim FAucher

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! The most important thing will be to have a plan for him..I know ryan just reverts to so many anxious tendencies when not informed of a plan... hopefully this will work for you all.. continue to think positively and you are doing a wonderful thing for anthony! he is lucky to have such a wonderful mother!

Jan Connair

Yay, yay, and yay!!! I am so thrilled about your news. Someone you talked to was obviously moved by your fight for Anthony to be in the right place. Isn't it great to know that even when it seems like you are struggling with "the system," there are still people with hearts in that system who will take up your cause every once in awhile and make something wonderful happen?!!! Glad to see that smile on your face.

Joke BK

Oh Corinne, ik hoop zo dat alles goed gaat en Anthony zich fijn en geborgen voelt op z'n nieuwe school. Ik blijf voor je duimen. Wens je alvast sterkte in het ziekenhuis. Moet Jadenn ook?

Groeten Joke

Nura Keif

So glad to hear the news:-D


So very glad to hear this ! I was starting to get really worried about all the difficulties you faced in the last weeks. I keep my fingers crossed for the next 2 months !


I'm so happy for you that you finally got some good news! Hope Anthony will have a great time at his new school. Enjoy your weekend!
greetz Nienke


Heel veel plezier op de nieuwe school ik hoop dat het voor jullie allemaal zeer postitief uitpakt en dat het deze strijd 300% waard is geweest.

gr corinne


still keep my fingers crossed!


Wonderful news for you ! All the best for the few weeks to come.
A French Bise from Toulouse


WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO thats the best dam news I've heard all weekend! LOL I'm soooo excited for you!!!! YEAH!!!!


so happy for you!!! really...

celine navarro



Thats such good news!I am really happy for you!HUGS!!!!

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