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August 21, 2007


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IK zal voor je duimen hopelijk komt het goed!


I'll keep my fingers crossed. Take good care of yourself.

audrey meijs

Heel veel succes en sterkte!


lubs yer xxxx


i keep my fingers crossed and take it easy girl!


Ik hoop dat het helemaal goed komt. Hou vol!


Hoop dat het gesprek positief uitvalt! Ik duim voor je.

monique helfrich

xxI Ixx ...... these are my two hands with fingers crossed....


My fingers are crossed.. and I know how you are feeling

Hang in there

celine navarro

I'm seeing Karine tomorrow, and we'll definitely think about you ,honey!

MWAH MWAH MWAH all the way from France to you! :)


don't say sorry sweetie, we can only imagine what it's like and we all understand that this is eating energy en emotions. Take your time, hope it all works out fine!!! big hug


Sending some positive vibes your way ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have this feeling that everything will turn out to the best for Anthony ! Will remember you in my prayers.

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